6 Reasons Never to Date a Guy Like Chad from ‘The Bachelorette’

There is a super villain on this season of The Bachelorette, and he goes by the name of Chad.

Chad is a self-proclaimed “real man” and because of that, he believes he is going to win JoJo’s heart over the other not-so-manly men competing for her affection.

Now I’ve done a lot of thinking about Chad. More than I am proud to admit. And while I find him hilarious on the show, and on Twitter,  relationship red flags are flying higher than if there was a Great White Shark — named Chad — spotted in the ocean.  Just because he makes good TV does not mean he would make a great boyfriend.

If you meet a guy like Chad, here are six reasons why, no matter how charismatic and entertaining he is, you need to run in the other direction.

1. He has no friends.

If the only guy your boyfriend can get along with is the drunk Canadian that refers to his body as a Lambo, there is a problem.  Now you don’t need to date the social chair, life of the party, prom king, etc., but I think it’s important to be with someone who is likable to other people.   There is something creepy about guys who can’t make friends, and no one wants to date a creeper.

2. He takes himself too seriously.

Sometimes you just gotta take a chill pill.   As far as we can tell, Chad cares about working out, eating protein and refusing to partake in any playground games. He won’t sing or dance with the guys in the house; he doesn’t play along with the silly activities on group dates, and he won’t humor JoJo. What’s the point of having a ride or die if the ride is a boring stroll in the park?

3. He has no respect for your Love Language.

As part of a competition on a group date, Chad had to propose to JoJo and tell her why he loved her. All he could say was “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” Now while that might be enough for some ladies, it wasn’t good enough for JoJo. You speak your mind, girl!  She explained that she’s a words of affirmation girl. She needs to hear the reasons why.

And what did he do?! HE SAID SHE WAS “NAGGING.” If the red flag wasn’t waving high enough before, you better not think about going swimming now! It’s not so much about the word “nagging” which might be the worst word you can use to describe a women’s actions; it’s more about the fact that she told him what she needs, and he just didn’t care enough to give her that.

4. He is cocky as f*ck.

When a guy thinks he automatically deserves you because of how great he is, you’re in for a serious problem.  For instance, Chad said if JoJo doesn’t pick him he would have to confront her because she would have made a mistake, because “he knows she wants him.” Like, really, Chad?

When Chad’s asked who he admires the most, his answer is, “Myself in 10 years, alright, alright, alright.” I don’t know what’s more disturbing, his actual answer or the fact that he ended it with “alright, alright, alright.”

Wait, I know what’s worse. When asked, “If you could have lunch with one person, who would it be and why?” Chad’s response was —yup, you guessed it —“myself in 10 years, alright, alright, alright.” If this wasn’t proof enough that Chad is more into himself than he could ever be into JoJo, here is a tweet he sent after the latest episode of the Bachelorette aired Monday night.


Chad Johnson The Bachelorette

Yes, we’re entertained Chad.  Frightened, but entertained.

5. He is an evil internet genius.

In case you start dating a guy like Chad, you might be scared to break up with him in fear of what he might do.

Like, troll you on the internet, steal your name and direct it back to him. Chad has bought multiple domain names related his fellow competitors and to JoJo, including joelle-fletcher.com, chasemcnary.com, robbyhayes.com, danmaguire.com,derekpeth.com, lucaspell.com, alexwoytkiw.com, and jjhlane.com.

All sites direct back to Chad’s Instagram account. This sort of evil internet behavior is equal parts hilarious and terrifying all at the same time. If breaking your heart isn’t bad enough, imagine someone stealing your internet identity?! Don’t you dare touch my Instagram!

6. He’s armed and ready to fight.

There is no denying that Chad has a rocking bod. He brought a weight belt to the Bachelor mansion, filled a suitcase with protein powder and attached said suitcase to weight belt to perform protein powder weighted pull ups. He’s got guns, for sure.

How he chooses to use his guns is a different story. Chad has already threatened many guys in the house not to start with him, or else, dun dun dun. In previews for next week’s episode, you see he has bloody knuckles and apparently punched a door. Is he violent? I’m not quite sure, yet. But I do wonder if this is the type of guy you want to bring home to meet your family.

Last season on “The Bachelor,” during the hometown dates, Ben and JoJo’s brothers didn’t get along. What would Chad do in that situation? Let’s just say I don’t think we’ll find out.

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