More Guys Lie in Their Dating Profiles Than Girls

Guys love to claim that girls are constantly lying on their dating profiles, but it turns out this may have just been a deflection technique.

In fact, guys are way more likely to lie in their dating app profiles, and also more likely to use deceiving photos.

I mean, c’mon, did you really think there were that many hot CEOs in your town?

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Bravo’s latest series, “Imposters,” conducted a survey about dating and lying that was released by NY Mag. The data showed that 46% of men admitted to misrepresenting something about themselves in their dating profile, whereas only 25% of women did. Additionally, 51% of dudes knew they looked better in their online dating profile than IRL, whereas only 41% of women said the same.

The most commonly lied about topics were interests, level of success, education, hobbies, and financial situation.

I wish we could say we were surprised, but we’re not. I mean, as someone who’s spent a lot of time on dating apps, it felt like every dude put “entrepreneur” and “CEO” in their profile just for kicks. I also encountered plenty of douches who claimed they owned clubs or some other BS that was clearly false. And how can you forget the guys who feel the need to show off their Louis V accessories or Rolex in their pics in attempts to seem like they’re balling?

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As a kicker, the survey found that 47% of self-identified Trump supporters admitted to lying, whereas only 35% of Hillary supporters did. Hm… kind of funny considering Trump supporters love to call Hill a liar.

Basically, this study taught us what we already knew. Don’t bother swiping right on a Trump supporter, and always take the “perfect guy” on Tinder with a grain of salt. After all, low expectations mean you’ll never be disappointed.

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