9 Perfect Clapbacks For the Trump Supporters In Your Life

If you’re like me, you probably have a Trump supporter in your life (or several if your life is really fucking tragic).

But, we all know how difficult it can be to even discuss this election with them because it seems like nothing will convince them of Trump’s true awfulness.

To help you combat the very hostile environment that is social media nowadays, we have pulled together some of the most common pro-Trump arguments we have seen online, and provided clap-backs that will help you come out on top.

1. Any mention of “The Emails” 

I’m going to call this one like it is: pure bullshit. Bush’s administration “lost” (notice the quotations to insinuate that they probs really weren’t lost) 22 MILLION emails, and no one gave a shit probably because he’s a man and guys get away with shit. That’s all you have to say. Case closed.

2. Any mention of Benghazi

I really fucking hate that Hill is the one thrown under the bus for this continually, because many more people were involved in the call on this one than just her. She also testified for eleven straight hours in front of the congressional committee on Benghazi in which they cleared Hillary of any suspected wrongdoing. Talk about stamina.

But if you would really like to wow your Trump supporting aunt on Facebook, point out that the GOP-controlled Congress is actually to blame for the lack of security because in 2011, they are the ones who voted to cut funding for the defense of U.S. embassies around the world. She even warned the GOP about it before the situation Benghazi ever happened.  So… Suck on that.

3. “The private email server!”

Colin Powell did the same thing? And, you want to know why no one chastises him about it? Because he’s a man. Also if they keep going on about the emails themselves, refer to clap-back #1.

4. “That’s just locker room talk.”

If someone around you says this, I am giving you permission to tell that person to fuck off, because not only are they justifying, and vicariously perpetuating, rape culture, they’re also throwing all men under the bus. There are genuinely good guys out there who would NEVER talking about “grabbing [someone] by the pussy,” in a locker room or anywhere else.

5. “Rap music has just as vulgar lyrics.”

Well, aren’t we lucky that Lil Wayne isn’t running for president! Donald Trump is, though, and once again: saying you want to, without consent, grab a woman by her pussy is sexual assault. It’s not about the word pussy, but the very rapey action Trump was describing.

Also, a few days ago on CNN, one of Trump’s supporters used Beyoncé lyrics to attempt and bash Hillary, which was pretty fucking hilarious.

6. “Trump’s not racist.”

One of my family members told me this in a comment on one of my Facebook posts, and honestly it took everything inside my not to respond with a thousand LOL’s. But in an effort to keep yourself from being extra petty, think of all his comments about Mexicans being rapists, and calling someone “[his] African American” just to name a few.

Or even better yet, Miss Teen USA 2010, who is black, tweeted last night that she was warned that Trump apparently doesn’t like black people in general, which, if you look it up, is the textbook definition of racist.

7. “He only says what everyone is thinking.”

This is a really poor defense. If you believe that everyone in the United States thinks the same way as Trump, there’s something wrong with you. For one, Trump suggested that his gun-fanatic fans should use their second amendment rights to shoot Hillary. Another lovely example is the gold star family that Trump shat all over, and then pretended like nothing happened.

If they really think they way he does, i.e. thinking these things are relatively okay for anyone to do, let alone a presidential nominee, there’s no hope for them.

8. “But what about Bill raping those women and Hillary covering it up?” 

If you recall, before the last debate, Trump invited three of the women who have accused Bill Clinton of sexually assaulting them to an event before the debate. There is no proof that Hillary attempted in anyway to cover it up, and it screams “poor attempt to throw off the debate.” Really petty timing on Trump’s part, if you ask me.

The three women, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick, claim that Hillary allegedly intimidated them after they were all assaulted. None of their allegations have been proven factual, and even then, the wrongdoings of Bill shouldn’t be pinned on Hillary.

9. “Bill Clinton is more misogynist than Donald Trump will ever be!”

Well, to quote the brilliant Jena Friedman, Bill Clinton isn’t running for president.

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