Past Miss Teen USA Says She Was Told Trump “Didn’t Like Black People”

Kamie Crawford, the former Miss Teen USA, revealed in a series of tweets last night that when she won the pageant in 2010, she allegedly had been warned Trump “didn’t like black people.”

Obviously, this isn’t a complete surprise. I mean, Trump has clearly shown racial tendencies before, even though he is currently trying to rescind his previous statements and spew out some bullshit about helping the people from “inner cities” during the debates.

But Kamie’s tweets of her alleged experience with Trump show that he’s always been pretty vocal about his racism, unless of course, a girl meets his standards of  what he thinks is “hot” enough to “grab by the pussy.”

Here’s what she said.

The scariest thing about Kamie’s tea isn’t Trump’s racism, but how Twitter users are going after her for telling her story about Trump.

Then again, I guess we can’t be surprised about Trump supporters’ Twitter actions. I mean, they did start the hashtag “#NextFakeTrumpVictim” in response to the women coming out about being sexually assaulted by Trump.

Kamie says she won’t be doing any interviews about her experience as Miss Teen USA, but she will be clapping back at all the racist haters that are coming her way via Twitter, as you can see.

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