How the Hell Is the Number 1 First Date Spot Starbucks?

It’s not too late, taking a dating app hiatus can still be your New Year’s resolution. Close out of Tinder… slowly.

Not sure if you need a dating app cleanse or not? Well, here’s a hint: if you’ve recently been on a date to Starbucks, you need to delete Bumble, stat.

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I know what you’re thinking, “who the fuck goes on a first date to Starbucks?” But according to data collected by dating app Clover, it’s the number one place where people meet for a first date.

The results were found using Clover’s On-Demand Dating feature, which allows users to arrange their first dates via the app instantly. The feature also suggests places to meet based on popularity and price, so maybe Starbucks was popular due to it’s cheapness?

Let’s humor the Starbucks lovers for a second. Sure, Starbucks is easily recognizable, convenient, located on nearly every corner, and “safe.” But like, so are nearly all public places? Starbucks is the place you meet your old friend from high school that you really don’t want to “catch up” with, or the place where you meet a university recruiter for an awkward-ass interview.

The researchers behind the Clover data found that women were most likely to suggest Starbucks as a meeting point because they wanted to “screen dates quickly over coffee.”

Um… hello? I know that dating apps can make finding a bae feel like a job, but you shouldn’t be screening potential boo thangs the way you screen your vag for STDs at the gyno.

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I hate to use the F word, but dating should be fun! Just because you have the access to a million and one single people via Tinder doesn’t mean that you need to go out with all of them. Not only will that make you crazy busy, it’ll make it impossible for you to decide on one.

You’ll always be wondering if there’s someone better out there that you haven’t matched with yet, and you’ll start eliminating options based on tiny details like the fact that their middle name is “Sam” or that they don’t like broccoli (trust me, I’ve been there).

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Even if you’re not going on a dating spree, there’s no denying that Starbucks is unsexy af. Pumpkin Spice Lattes might be lit, but they’re not getting you hot and bothered. Having small talk over easy listening music while freelancers hack away at their laptops is not romantic, and it’s probs not going to lead to a relationship, sorry.

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