Hottest Bartenders of NYC: Aleksey Reznikov @ The Garret

Are you ever out with your friends, when you take a glance at the bar, do a double take, and say “daaaaamnnnn?” No, not because you’re dreaming of the pizza you’re going to get at the end of the night, but because the bartender is sexy as hell. What is it about hot bartenders? Is it their mixology skills? Their chiseled forearms as they pour your liquor? Or is it that they’re always a bit of a mystery?

Galore has set out to introduce you to the hottest bartenders of NYC. You can get to know them through our interviews, instead of shoving your tits against the bar as you order that fifth tequila shot. You don’t have to thank us….we’re doing this for you. 

Photo Credit Ashley Uzer

 Aleksey Reznikov: The Garret, West Village 

What’s the coolest experience you’ve had working as a bartender? 
All the bartenders have their crazy drunken stories, people asking for their coats when they’re holding them, people taking off their shirts. I think the coolest thing that’s happened was taking shots with Kid Cudi, that was pretty cool. That would be my top story. It was at another bar I worked at down the street, he was just down there hanging out low-key and I was like “yo, you’re Kid Cudi!” And he was like “yeah man, what’s up?” So I was like, “let’s take shots,” and he was like “alright, cool man.”

Do you meet a lot of cool people, like Cudi, while working?
The most interesting people I’ve met have been in the earlier hours, and in New York it’s crazy. You’ll meet so many different people, anywhere from finance moguls to artists to actors to old couples who have been to your bar in the 50s and you wanna know what it was like going out back then. People that work on broadway, fashion, and it’s kind of cool working at a bar where you can kick it in the earlier hours because you’ll get hook-ups with that type of stuff, like clothing or whatever. It’s not about whether it’s girls or guys, it’s about knowing the different aspects in the city, from Wall Street to Broadway. I’ve made friends though that in all different areas.

Can you give us an example of someone interesting?
This therapist who would do sessions with his clients, and at the end of his day every week for over 4 years straight, he would come to my bar. I would be kind of reverse and being his therapist. I was 21 at the time, and he was a 53 year old man taking care of his clients who were likely high-end clients. We would go back and forth with advice, you grow up a lot faster.

Have you ever hooked up with a patron while bartending?
Yeah, my girlfriend! We actually were kind of working together, and I think that would be my one patron story for you, because real men don’t kiss and tell.

Do you get still get hit on a lot by drunk girls?
People will hit on you all the time, girls, guys, this is the west village- this is New York. a lot of times people will hit on you, they’re drunk, whatever. It takes some guts to actually hit on somebody, so you’re just working, you make a joke out of it. There’s this huge thing about bartenders going home with different patrons, but by the time you’re closing the bar, everyones so drunk and they’re out, moved on somewhere else. Maybe if you work in a night club, but most of the time the security takes the patrons out of the bar and then you’re counting the money and closing the door down. I’ve always kind of been like ‘alright I’m here to make money.’ If you have a big tab, I will talk to you, whatever it is that you want I’ll cater to it. My theory on this is, “if you ain’t paying, I ain’t playing.”

Photo Credit Ashley Uzer

How long have you and your girlfriend been together? Plans for V-day?
About two years. I don’t know yet, we’re going skiing/snowboarding in Aspen right before.

Do you have a signature drink?
I say, if you’re a good bartender, all your drinks should be really well made. I think maybe a Martini is a particular kind of taste, so if you get it down to a classic martini and someone asks for it, I think that’s one drink that should be very well made.

Aleksey made me a drink off The Garret’s menu, The Mister Mosley, which consists of Widow Jane bourbon, lemon, chili infused cocchi vermouth di torino (infused in house), house-made apple pie spiced syrup, and angostura. As someone who doesn’t usually go for bourbon, I sipped (slurped) it down pretty quickly considering it was also about 4 in the afternoon.


Photo Credit Ashley Uzer

Do people wander into The Garret accidentally? (the entrance is in the back of a Five Guys)

Sometimes they do, you’d be surprised, but this place actually gets a lot of press. There’s usually a line on Fridays and Saturdays, it gets pretty packed.

When you’re not working, where can we find you?
Probably around my neighborhood in Chinatown/ Lower East Side somewhere getting coffee. I’m one of those New Yorkers that is the New York junkie so I truly love New York. You can find me in Central Park, you can find me in Williamsburg, might be on Broadway seeing a show or play. Maybe I’ll be at a museum, maybe I’ll be at a J.Cole concert.

Speaking of J. Cole (as ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ plays in the bar), what jams get you ready for a shift?
Well right now we’re playing all J.Cole, but I listen to different kinds of genres. I’ll usually play some hip-hop that I like before, while I’m setting up or whatever. Just good music honestly. Most places that I’ve been working at, we kind of guide the playlist, so throughout it’ll be the jams that we like. It can go from oldies like Ray Charles to Biggie.

Photo Credit Ashley Uzer

After a good night at work, what are you likely to splurge on?
I’d like to go somewhere, take a trip, go see a play I haven’t seen. I really want to see Book of Mormon, so maybe that. Maybe a piece of clothing, but probably not. I’d rather take a trip somewhere, like go to Aspen.

Have you seen any good shows lately?
I saw G-Eazy, I’ve been following him since he was way under the radar, I thought that was a good show. I saw Chicago with my grandmother the other day.

What are your tips for girls trying to get the bartenders attention?
Just be yourself ladies, don’t be rude, play nice, and leave your number. Put it out there that you are interested, and tip well- and that’s it.

Photo Credit Ashley Uzer

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