The Worst Things That Happen At NYC Nightclubs

When I came to New York City, I encountered a lot of things that were hard to wrap my head around. People can literally run through the streets naked here and no one will even blink (I have seen this happen twice), if you want Chinese food at 4:30 AM, you can have it delivered to you without even picking up the phone (thank you Seamless!), and if you are an arguably good looking girl in New York, the best liquor at the best clubs comes to you free of charge. Sounds like a good deal right? Well it’s better than having to buy a bottle of Rubinoff and getting trashed in your dorm room (ok so that can be fun sometimes), however some of the things that happen at New York City nightclubs are just the absolute worst!

Your promoter will grope you
Galore Mag - NYC Nightclubs
For some reason, these guys think that you are going out with them because you like them. They think that if they give you enough alcohol they might get lucky tonight. Dude, I am using you for your free liquor. Now get your hand off of my ass please and thank you.

You will have to wait in the freezing cold/ rain/ crowded sidewalk for at least a half hour
Galore Mag - NYC Nightclubs
In high heels no less.

Your shit will get stolen
Galore Mag - NYC Nightclubs
Do not put down your purse, do not take off your coat, just don’t bring anything with you when you go out, because someone will take it. I once had my purse stolen at a club- off of my arm!!

Someone will spill a drink on you
Galore Mag - NYC Nightclubs
At least once. Probably twice.

It will get way too crowded
Galore Mag - NYC Nightclubs
This is your cue to leave. And then of course after all of this, you will still go out next week because let’s face it. Free alcohol, friends and music? It is a very tempting proposition.

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