Galore Crush: G-Eazy Likes East Coast Girls Who Sip Whiskey

G-Eazy might have not been quite as “almost famous” back in 2012 when he was traveling the country on Vans Warped Tour with a 30 minute set, but I can assure you that he was still just as sexy as he is now. The throngs of girls swooning over him for his tall physique and bad boy image is equally matched by the guys jamming out to songs about motivation, sipping whiskey, and maybe even love (occasionally). We had the pleasure of sitting down with G-Eazy the day before his sold out show at Webster Hall (one of two sold out shows this weekend, check Stubhub for tickets) and finding out what he looks for in a girl, the crazy things his fans have done for him, and where you might be able to find him in New York this weekend (it’s not stalking, it’s admiring from afar, right?).

Your video for “Downtown Love” (featuring Kitten’s own Ashley Moore) was released yesterday, was it written about a specific relationship, or girls in general?

A lot of stories find their way into the music, it’s never about a specific person or story per se. Some of it’s just re-telling, imagining a sort of Edie Sedgwick character. A popular socialite who’s in the scene and addicted to the lifestyle, going out, high fashion, that kind of spiraling out of control into a downward, dark place. And then some of it is people i’ve met, girls I’ve known, stuff I’ve seen.

What’s something a girl can do to immediately turn you off?

Cigarettes are both the most unattractive and attractive thing, because it looks so damn cool. There’s nothing like a girl, especially in this neighborhood, drinking coffee and smoking a cigarette; but then to kiss a girl after a smoke is pretty gross.

What’s your biggest turn on?

I would say another thing but that’s not really safe…leave it at Whiskey, girls who drink whiskey are very attractive. Neat whiskey, girls who just drink whiskey straight, that’s really cool.

When you’re not drinking whiskey, what are you drinking?

Coffee, black coffee. All day I drink as much water and coffee as I can throughout the day and it switches to whiskey when the sun goes down.

East coast girls or west coast girls?

East coast girls. If you’re talking about New York vs. L.A., then New York. But it’s a different world here, there’s almost a unanimous response that New York girls can be more interesting than L.A. girls. L.A. is kind of known for being more superficial.

You’ve been playing sold out shows all tour, what’s the craziest thing that has happened so far?

Last night, we were in Montreal and there were two fans that I met at the meet and greet before the show, they had bought VIP passes, and they told me they drove 13 hours from Nova Scotia. I didn’t even know where Nova Scotia was on a map. It’s kind of like Timbuktu, you just think of it as a place that’s really far away. The fact that people in Nova Scotia even know I exist is crazy, but the fact that they’ve traveled that far to see a show is really inspiring to me. It just motivates you any night that you feel tired. We rarely get any days off, we play like ten shows in a row without an off day and it wears you down. Especially if it’s a big sold out show, you want to celebrate afterwards and enjoy it- it just doesn’t make you feel so hot the next day- but you work up the energy through a lot of water and coffee to put on the show the next night. But you think about people like that [The fans from Nova Scotia], and they don’t care if I’m tired from last night, they weren’t with us last night. They have this one impression of me and they drove 13 hours from Nova Scotia to see me perform, so you gotta put on a show.

Other than that instance, what’s the craziest thing a fan has done for you?

Craziest thing I’ve seen is these girls that were camped out, they literally pitched a tent in freezing weather. I think it was zero degrees and they were there when we got there at 7 in the morning, so I don’t know if they were there the night before or what, but we came back a couple hours later and there were a couple more tents, people with sleeping bags and blankets waiting outside in the freezing cold for hours just to be front row at the show. That shit is crazy to think about. And there’s a whole lot of other crazy stuff that is more R-rated… you can go figure.

Would you ever/ have you ever hooked up with a fan?

You know, it feels great for the tour to be doing so well, the album is doing really well, and the support has been really awesome…

What’s something you couldn’t be on the road without?

This leather jacket, it’s kind of like my uniform.

Who Makes it?

Saint Laurent

Is that one of your favorite designers?

Yeah, it’s my favorite.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Green mint chip milkshakes.

If you don’t worry about acheivement, what do you worry about?

I worry about staying afloat and making music that matters to tons of people. I worry about being able to take care of my mom. One of the biggest joys in having my career is now being able to send her money every month and help her out.

What’s your dream collaboration?

Kanye West. Why not Kanye West and Paul McCartney? That’s a hell of a song by the way, the chords are just straight out of a beatles song, it feels so timeless. It’s hard for me not to get chills when I listen to that song.

What tips do you have for girls who are dating musicians that might be on the road a lot?

It’s important to not be jealous. I don’t think a relationship could work with a lot of jealousy because there’s so much distance both in actual space, like states, and distance in lifestyles. If you’re at home with a routine, life is moving at this pace. On tour, every night is Saturday and you have girls screaming every single night and you have to go to these after parties and “turn up” or whatever- god, we need a new word for turn up. But, you go to these after parties and go up into oblivion every night, there has to be a lot of trust.

When you come to New York, what are some places that you always have to check out?

I like to hang out in the Lower East Side, in Soho. There’s this one bar called 169 bar. It’s just a dirty dive bar, but it reminds me of New Orleans where I lived for six years, so it kind of brings me back there. It’s also one of my favorite neighborhoods in New York, and I like to go shopping in Soho.

You’ve made black on black your signature look, do you like girls that dress the same way?

Yeah, yeah I think black is just a clean look. It’s like straightforward, you can’t go wrong. My favorite look is girls with really short skirts and long socks.

Last place we will ever find you?

Living in L.A. I’m sure I’ll eventually live in L.A. now that I say that.

Are you going to be on the road for Valentine’s Day?

I’m going to be in Australia, across the world.

If you could do anything for Valentine’s day what would you be doing?

I would be with the person I want to be with on Valentine’s Day, I suppose it would be fun to spend that day in Australia with her.

What’s up next?

Working on the next album. I feel like I’ve been on the road for like a year, year and a half straight, just going. I’m looking forward to just de-compress and go into a self-imposed exile and just be creative, just gain some perspective on life again, check back into the regular world and out of this strange reality where every night is saturday and every morning I wake up in a new city or country. And get to work on the next album- you know, I don’t worry about achievement, but I do worry about losing people’s attention. I want to get started on new music because I know how much time was spent on the last record, and to give them another album that matters, and not just something that is microwaved and thrown together.

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