Guys Get Brutally Honest About Your Bumble Pickup Lines

After seeing how bad guys’ one-liners can be via apps like Tinder, you’ve probably transitioned to Bumble with the hopes that you’ll never have to read “sit on my face” from a rando again.

Unfortunately, you’re going to have to be the one asking guys to sit on your face now. JK, but you do have to send the first message. Only problem is, from getting so many bad lines before, you probably end up too timid to try anything crazy and end up sending a simple, “hey.”

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Do guys mind when you send a basic af message? Or are they just happy the pressure is off them? We asked dudes to rate the last opener they got on Bumble so you can see where you fall, and maybe take some inspo while you’re at it.


The Line: “Two truths and a lie.”

The Rating: 5.

The Reason: “It’s better than a ‘hi,’ but is still pretty generic.” – Ryan

Two truths and a lie seems like a fun game, but it also seems like a “fun” way to still get the dude to do all the work. Nice though!


The Line: “Where are you from on the east coast?”

The Rating: 5.

The Reason: “I mean, she at least tried to engage, but you can’t come out the gate with small talk. I don’t really ever respond anyway, I just judge women superficially off of five select photographs when I’m bored at work”. – Greg

Maybe next time you should just straight up ask a dude how big his dick is? Although they do seem to get butt-hurt about the whole height thing.

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The Line: “Hey what’s going on?”

The Rating: 3.

The Reason: “At least we matched and she sent something.” – Antony

Antony is smart for looking on the bright side. Sure, his match may have not recited Hamlet word for word, but she did reach out, and he’s definitely one step closer to meeting a girl IRL then he was before.


The Line: “Hey there!”

The Rating: 3.

The Reason: More enthusiastic than “hey,” but that’s really all it has going for it. – Tim


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The Line: “Those are some crazy arm muscles you’ve got there.”

The Rating: 7.

The Reason: “It’s always good to get a compliment from a chick as a first message.” – Robinson

When is ego-stroking not appreciated by guys? Let’s be real.


The Line: “Heyy.”

The Rating: 5-6.

The Reason: “I don’t really think when girls send a first message it needs to overcompensate or anything. Simple is usually better.” – Nick

Nick is another dude who knows that any attention from a girl he’s attracted to is better than no attention. Sure, he still kind of has to take charge of the convo, but we promise it’s not that hard.


The Line: “What’s your favorite Chinese food?”

The Rating: 4.

The Reason:”I only go on that app for the sole reason of entertainment. Sometimes you get into weird and interesting conversations.” – Matt

The girl who sent this must either really love Chinese food, or is following up a fortune she got last time she ordered in. Either way, rando isn’t always bad, I guess. Also, lol at guys who pretend that they’re super nonchalant about dating apps, we’d love to scroll through their Bumble messages.


The Line: “Sunday priorities: exercise, Netflix, or bottomless brunch?”

The Rating: 6.

The Reason: “Because it gives me something substantial to reply with, allows me to tell her a bit about who I am, and I can ask her the same thing when I’m done.” – Charlie

This def deserved higher than a six! C’mon, Charlie!


The Line: “Hey sexy!”

The Rating: 3.

The Reason: “It doesn’t really start a convo.” – Andreas

Honestly, with the whole guys loving a stroked ego, surprised this didn’t rank higher. I guess Andreas is sexy and he knows it, or something.

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