How To Craft The Ultimate Bumble Pick-Up Line

Bumble is awesome, there’s no doubt about it. They let you avoid weird one-liners from creeps, they don’t allow shirtless mirror selfies, and they kick douchelords and catfishes off the app.

The only thing is, it’s kind of weird messaging a guy first. I mean, it’s totally normal, but if you’re not used to it, it can feel weird. It can also make you over-stress about what you should spark up the conversation with. Is “hey there” too boring? Is a pick-up line too cheesy?

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You really shouldn’t stress over it, because any guy would be lucky to talk to you. But if you want to have a better convo and to stand out from all the girls who just send emojis as a sneaky way to avoid using a pick-up line, check out these tips from real girls who use Bumble.

1. Be Honest

Esti, 22, gets straight up af and simply tells dudes why she swiped right.

“‘For full disclosure, I’d say I swiped right about 70% cause I thought you were hot, and 30% because your dog is adorable,’ was one that worked well,” she says.

I mean honestly, can telling a dude he’s hot ever go-wrong? Maybe if his ego is already super inflated, but otherwise, probably not.

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2. Be Punny

Meghan, 23, says “let’s get ready to Bumble” is a favorite of hers.

And when I say favorite, I mean that she uses it on multiple dudes, because you do not need to waste time crafting a unique line for every dude you match with (unless you want to). C’mon, we all know that guys don’t do that.

3. See If He’s a Visual Learner

Andie, 25, ditches the vocabulary and simply sends cute animal gifs. I mean, it’s one way to find out if he’s got common interests with you, I guess. On the other hand, it might be awkward for him to come up with a verbal response to it, but he can figure it out.

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4. See If You Can Find a Common Interest From His Pics

Small talk is boring af. If a guy gives any clues of his interests in his profile — like with a band tee, an instrument, a place you’ve also visited, etc. — use that common ground to initiate the convo. You won’t seem creepy since it’s based off the photos he’s using in his profile, and you’ll hopefully get to skip the “what do you do for a living?” BS.

5. When All Else Fails… Be Basic

Don’t ever stress about using the “perfect” line, because if a guy swipes right on you, he’s likely going to be happy with anything you say. Let’s be real, guys are a lot more desperate than girls. On Tinder, you may choose to not respond to the guys who use lame openers, but unless you say something like “my boyfriend says I’m a psycho, but I only keyed his car once,” he’s probs going to be happy either way.

“Bumble girls are literally the worst at pickup lines. 9/10 messages I get are just ‘Hey!’ No questions, nothing,” complained my friend Dave to me. But when I asked him if he still responded, he said “Yeah, of course. ‘Hey’ is better than the 99% of the times we have to initiate.”

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