The 10 Most Right-Swiped Female Names On Tinder

Tinder releases their top 10 right-swiped names every single year. And you shouldn’t care, but obviously, you do.

Unfortunately, it’s kind of like when you’re in a tacky beach boardwalk shop looking for your name on a keychain. If you have a basic-ass name, they probably have your name on every single type of keychain. If you have a unique name, your name is probs nowhere to be found.

But c’mon, you still want to know if somehow your name made the top 10, right?

For the top 10 female names, they all sound the way you’d expect: safe, cheery, and definitely a kindergarten teacher appropriate name. And we all know how much men love kindergarten teachers.

1. Hannah

Annoyingly prissy do-gooder whose middle name might as well be “overachiever.”

2. Emma

Is a virgin.

3. Lauren

Total horse girl.

4. Julia

Thinks she’s artsy because there’s a John Lennon song named after her, but she’s basic af.

5. Emily

Thinks that having rich parents makes her cool.

6. Rachel

Still talks about summer camp.

7. Samantha

Definitely not as cool as Kim Cattrall’s Sex and The City character, no matter how she tries.

8. Katie

Thinks that eating Lean Cuisines is the same as going to the gym.

9. Anna

Smoked weed once and felt so bad about it she told her mom, crying.

10. Sara

Half of her life is spent telling people that there’s no “H” in her name, the other half is spent taking selfies.

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