Sarah Jessica Parker Will Star In A TV Show That Isn’t ‘Sex And The City’

Finally, you can stop watching “Sex and the City” reruns. If reruns are even a thing anymore.

Sarah Jessica Parker has just announced that she’ll be starring in a new television series on HBO called “Divorce,” about a woman named Frances who goes through the shitty life experience that is divorce. And she has a lot to say about it.

On whether or not she relates to character in her new role, Sarah Jessica was very clear.

“I don’t relate to Frances, her life is different,” she told People Magazine. “She’s a much more withholding chilly person than I am, she’s not very buoyant as you can see, she can be mean and angry, but I love playing someone like that. I don’t need to relate to that.”

Wait but, can’t we all relate to that?

“It’s not so much I’ve been in her position, but I understand somebody who wants to find fulfillment, they need to rescue themselves and their lives,” she went on. “Also being a mother who’s concerned with making the right choices for her own children and handling something that’s potentially so painful, how does one – how do you talk about it in a way that’s not patronizing but is careful. That mattered a lot to me in how we talked about it.”

She touched on what the clothes will be like too.

“Pretty much everything Frances wears is used…from vintage or thrift shops along the Northeast Corridor. This was a very specific idea about somebody who has an aesthetic that will be revealed over the season.” Deadline reported. “Frances is so much her own person, from the moment I read the pilot. She’s so distinct from, not only Carrie, but any other character I had ever played.”

Whatever SJP, we’re expecting nothing but chicness.

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