Guys Have the Worst Advice for How to Get Rid of a Creep

There aren’t many things you can count on Reddit bros for, but for some reason, one bb high schooler thought she’d ask the guys of AskMen for help getting rid of a classmate who’s stalking her.

Probably not the best idea, but sometimes it’s a good idea to ask other creeps how to get rid of a creep, I guess.

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The girl, Reddit user AKornnie, explained that she was polite to some guy in her class and now he stares at her 24/7, follows her around, listens to her convos with friends, etc. She’s talked to teachers and they haven’t done shit. She also asked him to stop multiple times, and he hasn’t.

“What is the most offensive and effective way to call a male creep on his bullshit?” She asked. “What’s gonna make it stop for good?”

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Unfortunately, Reddit bros didn’t have great advice, and they basically solidifed the fact that the only way to get rid of a guy is with another guy — because guys won’t respect your rejection, but they’ll respect another dude claiming you as his property.

Some of them used the classic last ditch resort to get rid of a creep: telling him you have a boyfriend.

“Get a guy that he thinks is your boyfriend,” suggested Reddit user danzigismycopilot.

Reddit user i_never_reddit said adding some “non-attractive” qualities to the boyfriend bit would help.

“Tell him that you’re favorite thing to do is fart…on your boyfriend,” he suggested.

And if the fake-boyfriend won’t work, have no fear: Reddit users say you can just get lots of guy friends to intimidate the creep!

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“First off be careful,” said Reddit bro virgilshelton, who’s tragically a dad. “Do you know football players (jocks), tough guys at your school? Tell them and it would work much better than you doing it. Teachers never want to get involved.”

He then went on to tell a personal story about how he’s won every fight he’s been in since the third grade and how she should only tell her guy friends who don’t mind going to jail for beating the creep up. Nice.

And alas, a guy who’s clearly never gotten attention from the opposite sex in his life decided to tell the girl she was crying wolf.

“You sound like a drama queen looking for more attention,” said Reddit user jebthereb.

Thankfully, other guys on the thread defended the girl, but even with that, how sad is it that the only real way guys think a creep can be deferred is with another dude?

In other news, please don’t ever ask guys on Reddit for advice on how to get rid of a creep. Chances are you’ll just have a bunch of new creeps to deal with.

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