Guys Explain What it Means When They Use This Line to Break Things Off

If you’ve never ended a relationship and laid in your bed at night wondering what the fuck went wrong, you’re an incredibly serene person.

Break-ups are never easy, and they’re even harder when you’re dating someone who has trouble expressing their emotions and being real. More often than not, the person giving the “breakup speech” ends up using the same trite phrases stolen from 80s rom-coms such as “it’s not you, it’s me,” or “I love you, but I’m not in love with you.”

WTF does that shit mean? We’re all smart enough to know a guy saying bullshit like “you’re too good for me” has a real reason for breaking up with us, and because we love to overthink things, we probably spend our nights lying awake and wondering what that reason was.

Thanks to Reddit, we can now confidently say that any dude using “you’re too good for me” (or any bullshit line for that matter) is just an asshole trying to get rid of you.

When JayThai asked the men of Reddit “Men, when you tell her ‘you’re too good for me’ what you really mean is…” many men had admitted to using this line or something similar before, and the takeaway is that almost every single one of them used it as a cop out or a mask for their own issues.

“I said this once, it meant, ‘I will disappoint you and I know it, I’m too much of a coward to face it and too insecure to make sure I don’t, I’d rather bail now,'” said SowetoNecklace

Another user, latelassie, rephrased the statement as: “You haven’t done anything that I can use to make an excuse for not having feelings for you any longer. But you’re incredibly good to me and I can’t stand it because I can’t reciprocate and I really do wish the best for you.”

Basically, when a guy says you’re too good for him as an excuse to break things off, take it to heart. You really are too good for him, because he’s a coward with his head up his ass. Don’t think that you need to boost his self esteem and prove to him that he’s great as well, because you’re not going to solve his confidence issues by yourself.

Reddit user Silveratwriting explained that the statement equates to “insecurity problems, for me it would mean that I know I’m going to fuck up badly because of it and I’d rather leave now before it happens.”

Do you know that insecurity is one of the most prominent reasons that men cheat? If a dude feels like you’re too good for him, he’ll find a girl that doesn’t make him feel that way so that he can feel more like “the man.” Look at Beyoncé and Jay Z, for instance. If he did indeed cheat on her, we’d guess it’s because Jay was feeling insecure because of Beyoncé’s success and decided to find a confidence boost elsewhere. Don’t waste your time with an insecure dude, find a guy who loves himself (almost) as much as he loves you.

Other guys admit that they are just trying to sound nice before they fuck things up forever.

“I don’t want to date you, but I’m afraid that if I come out and say it that bluntly, it will be awkward,” says 4_string_troubadour

“Usually it means I value you as a person, but I’m about to do something really mean that you don’t deserve. Still, I’m going ahead and doing it. If you just want to leave now, let us make a clean break. If you stick around, just know that I tried to tell you something mean was coming up,” said rewardiflost, who’s apparently a fan of blaming the victim.

The bottom line is that if a guy is using a stock line like “you’re too good for me” to break up with you, you should be happy that he’s ending things now.

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