8 People Tell Us The Craziest Things Their Exes Ever Did

Do you ever wonder if girls have a reputation for being “crazy” because they have a far more advanced vocabulary than dudes?

I’ve heard girls call their boyfriends insecure, controlling, possessive, headstrong, and violent; but very rarely have I heard a girl call their man (or ex man) “crazy.”

But shit, when you combine all the aforementioned adjectives, you really do end up with a guy that is fucking crazy. We asked our readers some of the craziest things their (now ex) boyfriends ever did, so we can finally put the “crazy ex-girlfriend” myth to bed.


“My ex boyfriend slashed my tires because we broke up and he thought I moved on too quickly.”


“A year or two ago I lived with my boyfriend of 3 years and then I broke up with him and still lived there. Within the week of me breaking up with him, he would bring girls that he found on Tinder back to the apartment and hook up with them loudly so that I could hear. Needless to say, I got the hell out of there, but he stole my dish set from me and I’m still salty about it.”


“My ex sat on top of his roof with a knife threatening to kill himself because I broke up with him. [He also] grabbed my face and yanked it and threw things at me in the middle of a crowd of people in our high school cafeteria because I ‘didn’t look at him while he was talking to me.'”


“I was walking home from a party with my current boyfriend and my ex was following us hiding in bushes, behind cars, thought he fit behind a stop sign, etc. My new boyfriend finally turned around and basically bitched him out, was screaming at him that he was pathetic and needed to move on. My ex decides to try and fight and my boyfriend basically knocked him out… good times.”


“After I danced with my openly gay friend at a party, my ex got mad and broke up with me. I went back to his house to talk it out and he got so mad I wouldn’t leave, he ripped me off of his bed by my ankles onto the hard wood floor and I pretended to play dead so he’d feel bad (maybe I’m crazy too LOL).”


“I was pissed off at my ex and I wasn’t answering his texts or phone calls so he drove 40 minutes to my house and saw that I was home because my car was parked out front. I was home alone and my alarm system on my house was set. I purposely went up the stairs to my room when I saw his car pull up and watched him walk up to my front door and start knocking on it and ringing the door bell. When I didn’t answer, he disappeared around the corner of my house and the next thing I know my alarm system is wailing and this kid is running up the stairs to my bedroom. I should’ve called the cops, but I was being a decent person and decided it wasn’t worth the kid getting arrested over. I went to turn the alarm off and we got into a huge screaming match and my dad came in clutch and showed up like five minutes later and told him he had to leave. Thank god for my crazy cop dad.”


“Around two years deep in a LA-PHL long distance relationship, I was flying home every 3-5 weeks to see my ex who would buy my flight ticket and we would spend romantic weekends together in Beverly Hills or Santa Monica. Glorious three day rendezvous and lots of fun sex. But one fall weekend, days before I was to fly to him, he was so pissed because I went to an event that was different from what I Facebook RSVP’d to. At this stage, my Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, were held hostage to his stalking and keeping tabs. We didn’t talk for two days and I decided to jump on the flight [which he’d bought] anyways to see my family and friends [who lived in LA]. I went to LA and was wildin’ out and lo and behold- he saw it all. I went to LAX to check-in to my flight and I was told my return had been cancelled. I was in awe and shock because I had class the next day! I played cool and made it seem like it was their error and although I got put on the next flight, the upgrade and travel voucher made up for it. I tweeted, ‘he thinks he’s slick but instead he lost the dick’ because I knew he would see it since he was stalking all my social media.”


“I was living with my ex and we had a giant argument and he got physical so I grabbed all my things and left. He called me 344 times before I successfully got through to Sprint and had them block his number. Then he started texting me from an app, then he harassed me on Facebook so I blocked him. Then, he took screenshots of my Instagram selfies and put them on Craigslist saying I was looking for a guy to teach me how to be good at sucking dick and to call my number. This was around 11 p.m. that night right after I fell asleep. I woke up at 2 a.m. to over 100 texts and missed calls from men trying to respond to my ad on Craigslist.”

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