This App Tells You the Guy-Girl Ratio at Every Bar in Your Area

Nothing’s worse than getting all dolled up, spending money on an Uber and a cover charge, only to walk through the velvet ropes and realize that the only people at this club are girls with promoters and washed up sugar daddys.

It’s not that you can’t have a great time with your girls wherever you go, but sometimes when you’re going out to dance with some cute guys and you’re confronted with a bunch of creepers, it can be disheartening.

But what if you could see who was at the club before you wasted your new dress and took a $30 Uber ride all the way downtown? The new dating app Weepo claims to do just that.

It’s not quite Grindr, and it’s not quite Happn; but it seems to be some sort of beautiful mix between the two.

Basically, when you and your crew are having trouble deciding where you’re going tonight, you can check out some of the places you’re considering on the app and see who else is going to that spot and what the male to female ratio is. Once you pick a spot, you can mark “going” on the app, just like you would to a Facebook event, and then you start swiping Tinder-style through the other people who are going to the same club. If you match, you can start messaging prior to going out, or maybe wait until once you’re there and already have had three tequila shots?

Once you get to the club, you’ll already know who’s going to be there and who you’re interested in, plus who’s interested in you.

Yes, it makes the courting process even less authentic, because if there was one place where people actually hit on each other without using technology, it was the club/bar scene (thank you, alcohol). But on a positive note, it means that you can pre-plan who’s taking you home tonight and have a semi-sober conversation via the app before you drunkenly fall into them later that night. And, it’ll be way easier to convince your party pooper friend to go out if you see that tons of Justin Bieber lookalikes are going to be at that one bar tonight. Lastly, the quick turnaround process means that catfishes will be way less disappointing.

Weepo might actually make your going out decisions even harder now that you’ll have so many options, but it could also mean that you can ensure that you don’t run into your ex. Yes, it’s sad that we have to see who else is going out before we can decide where we’re going, but in a world where we have Pokémon dating apps, did you expect any less?

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