The New Major Lazer Song Is Mostly Just A New Justin Bieber Song

The first thing you hear on the new Major Lazer song is Justin Bieber, but who’d be disappointed about that?

“Everybody gets high sometimes/you know,” he sings to us, beautifully. “What else can we do when we’re feeling low?”


Diplo, Skrillex and MØ seem to believe the answer is dance, and if that’s true, they’ve delivered a pretty solid track about it. At the very least, nobody would deny that this song is good for a summertime car ride.

“This track makes me believe in the possibility of maybe one day living out my tween Tumblr-girl dreams — beach-tousled hair, scenic cliff-side highways, and vintage green convertibles,” Rachel Sonis at Idolator wrote. Exactly.

But if you need something deeper to hold onto, consider Justin’s message. He wants to be your “life blood” — I’m guessing cold water and life blood are the important metaphors here— tonight. Sure, Justin, whatever you say.

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