8 Tips from Guys for Making Your BF Last Longer In Bed

There are few things more awesome than reaching O at the same time as your partner. But sometimes it feels like 90% of the time your man finishes too fast and doesn’t let you finish, or he takes forever.

If you’re dealing with a dude who finishes too quickly nearly every time, you’ve probably wondered how to fix that problem. You have to act like it doesn’t bother you, because he’s likely embarrassed enough on his own, but deep down you would love to have the time to have at least one O before he busts.

There are the obvious solutions, like focusing on foreplay, but sometimes no matter how great your man is down there you still wish you could ride that the D for longer.

We scoured Reddit to see what methods guys used to help them last longer (cuz you KNOW Reddit has to have a higher percentage of two-pump chumps than any other website…). And the best part is that many of them will seem to your dude like “fun things to try” rather than ways to help him stop prematurely finishing.

The bottom line, according to Reddit? You have to convince your man that you don’t really care that he’s finishing fast and to build his confidence. But if that’s not enough, try some of these tricks on for size.

1. Do It More

Practice makes perfect, and there’s a reason why virgins are quicker and players are slower. Even if the hook up might be less than enjoyable currently, tough it out and try to do it more often. When your man gets more accustomed to doing it, he’ll freak out less about how hot it is and contain himself at least for a few more minutes (hopefully).

“I perform best after a few weeks of having it at least once a day. If I start going more than a week between hooking up, I start to finish sooner than I’d like again,” says jpsthrow.

2. Start Doing Kegels Together

Alright, obviously this suggestion is valid for a serious relationship, but will probably make your buddy think you’re crazy. Yes, men can do kegels too! They don’t get a fun kegel video game like we do, but they still have kegel muscles.

Panda_foo recommends bringing up prostate health if you don’t want him to realize the real reason you’re urging him to work his kegels.

“Kegels work great… It’s something you can do while you’re just sitting on the couch jamming on some Netflix, so why not? After about three weeks I could tell a difference of overall control. It’s also good for overall prostate health, I’ve read, so you could bring it up like that I guess?”

3. Go Round Two

“I had a really understanding gal friend that would go down on me until I was ‘done’ and then we’d wait for about 10-30 minutes and go at it again,”says Aarondhp24. “I lasted FOREVER that second time and after a few times of doing that I got back into my groove.”

If you don’t feel like going down  before doing it every time, you can also just have it twice. If your man finished but you want to keep going, have him go down on you or engage in other foreplay while he takes a few minutes to get hard again. He’ll last way longer the second time and he certainly won’t mind getting to do you again. Just make sure you’re also taking plenty of birth control precautions, because this kind of hook up repertoire can get a little sloppy BC-wise.

4. Have Him Pee Before 

If you’ve never heard of a “pee boner” before, you’re not alone. Turns out just like girls should go pee afterwards (to prevent UTIs), guys should pee before to help them last longer.

“Make sure he pees before doing it. Having a pee boner is very sensitive and makes you ejaculate faster,” says bleh19799791

5. Fake It

Don’t fake an O, but fake that you aren’t stressed about having it. If you put lots of pressure on your dude, neither of you are going to enjoy it and he’s probably going to finish even faster because he’ll be all up in his head.

“There is a good chance that all he is focused on during it  is trying to last longer and not about enjoying the intimacy with you,” says dirkdivac. “You need to talk to him about it, let him know you don’t care how long he lasts (even if it isn’t true) and you will find the less stressed out he is, the longer he will last. I think this has something to do with a man’s heart rate during hooking up. I have found the longer I keep my heart rate down, the longer I last during hooking up. Stress is a huge reason his heart is pounding through his chest during it and if you eliminate that, he should last longer.”

6. Make Sure He’s Still Masturbating

If you and your bae are hanging out constantly, he may have sworn off Pornhub for the real thing (aka you). This is flattering and all, but being in a relationship doesn’t mean that either of you shouldn’t be masturbating from time to time.

Not only will masturbating help you keep your relationship alive, but masturbating will also help him last longer. Just make sure that when he’s masturbating he’s not rushing it, as some guys claim that they’ve trained themselves to finish quick while masturbating which has had the reverse of the desired effect on their hook up lives.

7. Stop Being So Damn Lovable (JK, Mostly)

Have you ever noticed how much better it is in a relationship vs. a one night stand? It has a lot to do with the fact that you actually care about a person and are comfortable with them. Guys have this same issue.

“In my experience love is the problem,” says Barbarrino. “The more attached I am and the more I care about a person the harder it becomes to last. If you really think the girl is hot there is more passion and focusing on not getting off becomes more difficult.”

There’s nothing you can do about this than pat yourself on the back for being awesome and hope he sorts it out.

8. Bring In The Toys

Lots of guys from the thread claim that using a D ring helps them last longer, and it’ll also likely make you O more quickly and more intensely with the added vibrations.

If you and your man aren’t down for the ring, there are still lots of other toys you two can use to make sure that you’re enjoying yourself just as much as he is. If he’s already giving you tons of foreplay, this can help alleviate his jaw or fingers or whatever too.

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