You Can Make Playlists On Netflix Now Using ‘Flixtape’

Netflix has just added a whole new layer to your series bingewatching habit.

They’ve developed a pretty brilliant feature to the site called ‘Flixtape,’ which allows viewers to create curated playlists — yes, Flixtape is a reference to mixtapes from back in the day — and share them via Twitter or Facebook. That’s the basis of the whole feature; Flixtape will help you send your fav shows to your “favorite person.” And does it get any better than that?

The playlists are set up to be based around certain “moods” or “messages,”  and have customizable interfaces. That way, you’ll never need to leave your own bed in order to share the experience of staring at a screen with those you love. One thing to note: you can’t choose individual television episodes to the movie playlists. Yet.

Here’s the trailer for the new addition to the site:

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