8 stories about hooking up on school property IRL

When you’re young and in love, there’s nothing that can stop you from fooling around — even the fact that second period is gonna start in five minutes.

Hooking up at school is a rite of passage, and something that gets endlessly romanticized in television shows and movies.

To be fair, sometimes hooking up at school can be that hot, but it can also be super embarrassing. Or even get you suspended.

Here are eight stories about the good, the bad, and the cringiest times you can have getting freaky on school property. Do NOT try this at homeroom!

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1. We coordinated over AIM the night before 

Me and this guy who I had maybe hooked up with before (I don’t remember) planned to skip first period and meet in the boys bathroom and hook up. We coordinated this over AIM the night before. I asked him what color underwear he wanted me to wear and he said blue, but then I thought my butt looked ugly in my blue thong so I went with green. I also obviously wore my hottest outfit – a white Abercrombie tank top layered with a mint green tank and a mint green triple tiered ruffle skirt. I really took matching seriously.

We met in the boys bathroom after homeroom and it smelled like shit, obvi. We locked the handicap stall door and started making out and he was grabbing my butt. After probs like 2 mins I got too scared I was going to get in trouble for skipping class so I was like, “um I’m going to go to class now.”

Also somebody pantsed me later that day so thank goodness I was wearing cute undies!

2. I turned around and he had a full-blown erection 

I had just started dating this guy named Michael. He was my first boyfriend, so I was really nervous and excited all the time. Two days after we started dating, we kissed for maybe five seconds in the hallway, and then he led me to the back stairwells right by the theatre auditorium. His back was turned to me the whole time, and I kid you not, when he turned around he had a full-blown erection.

I was instantly uncomfortable because I’d never seen a boner IRL. Anyway, we started making out for about another minute and then he apparently came in his pants.

I broke up with him less than a week later. Even as a baby, I knew stamina was important.

3. It was a big deal for a Jesus kid 

When I was a sophomore in high school, I dated this girl who was a freshman for a few months that I met in drama club. I had braces still (got them off that year) and she was hyper-Christian and very conservative, but we used to steal away to the practice rooms behind the choir room and make out.  It was sequestered enough to be safe, but accessible enough to feel dangerous.  And towards the last month or so of our relationship, she would put my hand on her boob. It was a big deal for a Jesus kid.

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4. I legit got rug burn on my face 

The fuck buddy I was desperately in love with decided that the best way to hook up during school hours was to drive like five seconds away and do it in the car on a side street. We did this fairly regularly, but on that particular day, there was a jogger who just wouldn’t go away.

So my fuck buddy came up with a brilliant plan: we should have sex in the trunk of the car.

And because I was desperately in love with him and didn’t know any better, I said yeah, sure! Legit I have never had sex in a hotter environment, and by hot I don’t mean it was sexually hot, I mean it was actually hot.

It was dark, there was a 6’2” man on top of me, and there was so little room in there that as he thrust, my cheek kept rubbing against the carpet.

I was so uncomfortable I had zero fun, and once we got out of the car I realized I’d gotten rug burn on my face.

And because it was during the school day, for the rest of the day I had to explain to all my friends how I magically got rub burn on my face.

5. Mirror sex ftw

My high school sweetheart and I had sex in a fairly central school bathroom. But you could lock the outside door. It was like 6 p.m. or something, and most kids had gone home, but there was probably a couple hundred still left floating around doing extracurriculars, or whatever. But the weird thing was that the stall we had sex in was extra-large, and had a full-length mirror.

So here I am having sex in front of a full-length mirror at the age of 15, in a public place, which was totally fucking hot in a way that was totally unimaginable, because most people don’t get around to mirror sex until they’re adults, if at all.

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6. We got out just in time without getting caught 

It was my sophomore semi-formal, and my boyfriend and I wanted to have sex, so we snuck into the girls’ bathroom and went in a stall. Then all of a sudden, a bunch of girls went in, so we were like shit, this isn’t going to happen. So after they left we snuck back out. But as we were about to go back to the dance, we turn around to see everyone laughing. Legit the principal had just walked into the girls’ bathroom and busted another couple in the stall!

We got out just in time without getting caught. And FYI, that couple got suspended. Like come on man, let us get freaky!

7. If anyone asked you about me, they’d say, “oh, she’s such a nice girl” 

In middle school me and this guy used to make out at school all the time. I was a really quiet, shy, studious girl in my class. If anyone asked you about me everyone would say “Oh, she’s really nice.” And that’s all they’d really say. I wasn’t that pretty either. But this Jose was SUPER cute. Although TBH, he was not particularly interesting. He’d walk past my classroom and I’d excuse myself for the bathroom. Then we’d make out in the staircases. This one time we snuck into the boys bathroom and went into the stalls where I sat on his lap, which was pretty thotty for middle school.

8. I was so close to pulling it off too

So me and this kid were at a party a block away from our high school when we were seniors and we decided what the hell, let’s hook up at school. Originally we walked to the dugouts on the baseball field, but after we started to do shit everything got all messed up because the sprinklers came on.

So we kept walking around school looking for a place, and then we saw a ladder. And we were like, “holy fuck, the roof!!!!!!”

So we scaled the building and had sex three times under the stars.

But then when we were climbing down, I fell and ate shit. Cuts everywhere.

And I was so close to pulling it off too.

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