What guys are really thinking when they like & comment on your Insta pics

You’ve heard of the saying, “don’t believe everything you see on the internet,” right? Yeah well, someone should really change it to, “don’t believe everything a guy does on the internet.”

Guys are douchebags. We all know this. But do THEY know?

Probably not.

Because they have a weird thing for liking and commenting on our Instagram photos.

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Seriously, it can be confusing af — especially if you have a crush on them. Even if you tell yourself to take a chill pill, you’ll probably end up reading way too much into it. And then you’ll spend your night torturing yourself over this guy who may or may not have feelings for you.

But as bad as that can be, it’s even worse if it’s just a rando who’s doing it. Because then 1 of these 3 things is probably going on:

#1. He’s madly in love with you
or #3. He wants to have mind-blowing Mr. and Mrs. Smith hot hate sex with you.

I see this happen every frickin day and you know what boys? It’s not cute.

Imagine this scenario, if you will:

A girl posts a bikini shot on Insta. Minutes later, he hits that “like” button. She can’t help but get a little excited. Especially because he keeps up the double tapping for the next couple of days. Now she’s starting to ask her friends, what could this possibly mean. Is she about to live out her own Cinderella story? But then, completely out of the blue, he’ll do something super douchey, like comment with a “tongue” or a “peach” emoji.

Excuse me, sir, but are you saying you want to lick her butt? Because unless she’s explicitly stated in her Instagram bio that she’s into getting solicited for butt lickings from a rando, that’s not something she wants to see.

And then there’s the “ur so hot” “ur beautiful” mumbo jumbo. Like come on! Do they actually think that, or are they just on that good shit and alcohol?

Seriously, which is it? Cuz I don’t know about you, but this girl has no time for guessing games.

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Story time: This one time Nick Jonas commented on Hilary Duff’s Insta photo and everyone freaked the fuck out.

What had happened was Hilary posted a very sexy photo of herself, as all girls are wont to do from time to time. She was topless, and enjoying a glass of white wine by the pool. You know, living her best life. And then Nick had to go and hit her comment section with an “eyeball” emoji.

And while his fans were all like, “NICK WANTS HILLARY SO BAD! OMG I’M GONNA GO RABID I’M SO SHOOKETH.” And it didn’t matter that Hilary wasn’t on the market because you can’t just comment on a girl’s photo out of the blue and expect nobody to read anything into it.

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So why do they do it?

Parrish, 22, says he thinks this kind of Instagram engagement is “an aphrodisiac for women… They get off on just one ‘like.'”

Right. He wishes.

But sadly, Parrish wasn’t the only guy who thought like this.

Sergio, 24, said he sends comments like that because it gives “women what they want.” And his 26-year-old friend Brian agreed. “Yeah, it’s like they can sense that we’re coming for them,” Brian said. “They love attention.”

So basically, in their minds, we’re all just sex-crazed animals who want male attention. And while yes, sometimes women do want male attention, it’s insulting to assume that’s all women want. And inaccurate af.

Although according to David, 22, all it means if he likes your photo is that “I like the way she looks in the photo.”

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But guys probably won’t just comment on any old photo you post.

Unfortunately, guys only smash that “like” button and comment on our photos because of one thing. And that one thing is sex.

“We fantasize about the Insta girl,” says Christian, 23. “What she’ll do to us in bed, you know roleplaying, that stuff. It may lead to us wanting more, like actually wanting to marry this girl.”

But Jason, 20, says you probs shouldn’t read anything deep into it. “We don’t want a relationship with you,” he explains. “We’re either being very polite, or very perverted. Sorry, I’m just being honest.”

And Bobby, 23, points out one of the biggest attractions: since Instagram isn’t real, there aren’t real consequences for “liking” a girl. “There’s no pressure to date or to just give a girl a compliment,” Bobby explains.

Look, yes, approaching a girl IRL can be scary, but it’s not like we’re monsters who want to lock you up in a dungeon and poison you to death! All women want is little common decency.

We don’t want to be led on and we definitely don’t want you to think we’re always “thirsty” for male attention just because we post something thotty on Instagram.

Moral of the story: don’t read too much into the likes and comments. Like literally, don’t read anything into them.

Just like how it doesn’t really mean anything if a guy spends the night after sex, it doesn’t mean anything if he likes and comments on your Instagram photo.

Well, actually there is one thing you can read into them: that guy is probs a raging garbage fire. Especially if he does it all the frickin’ time.

But that’s OK. It’s not like you were missing out on boyfriend material anyway.

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