6 Fun Roleplays To Try With Your Leftover Halloween Costumes

17% of women cited 50 Shades of Grey as their favorite role play, according to SKYN condoms. We are a little confused about this. Like, you could just do regular BDSM and not have to call your BF “Mr. Grey?”

Regardless, role-playing is the best (no exaggeration here) way to make sex in a long-term relationship feel like new, because we’ve all gotten in a sex rut with someone we’ve been fucking for a while.

Try some of these easy but amazing role plays with your leftover Halloween shit. You’ll be glad you did.

1. The Doctor

An oldie, but a goodie. Everybody has a secret fantasy of having a routine exam turn into something more, right? Play up the innocence and have fun acting totally naive when your boo says he needs you face-down ass-up for a “routine examination.” If you’ve got a sexy nurse costume and you like to have the upper hand, switch this role-play up and tell your partner you have to tie him down for an “intense procedure.”

2. The Mad Scientist

Think of this as the doctor role-play 2.0. If you like being totally dominated, this will play into that (because nobody willingly walks into a mad scientist’s lab, unlike the doctor’s office). This is also a great excuse to finally use that bondage rope that you bought so you can get tied up.

3. The Naughty School Girl

There’s a reason that this is one of the most cliché situations in all of porn: because it’s fucking hot. Maybe it’s the thought of being spanked by an authority figure, maybe it’s pretending to be innocent, or maybe you just really like wearing knee-high socks while taking dick. Either way, this is a classic that never fails to deliver unless your partner really fucks up.

4. The Stripper

What better way to practice the moves you’ve been learning in your pole-dancing class? 15% of millennials reported the stripper role-play as their favorite, according to the SKYN survey, so there’s def something to this role-play. You’ll likely have just as much fun dancing around in a skimpy outfit as your man will have fun watching you, trust.

5. The Strangers

If you want to take the role-play further than your bedroom, this is a great one to act out at a bar. Enter separately with your boo and act like you don’t know each other (this is harder than it sounds). If you get into it (and if your boo is a good actor), you’ll get that feeling of a random hook-up, but still get to fuck a dude who actually knows what you like. Win-win.

6. The Coach

If you’ve got a cheerleader or sports related outfit, or even some type of leotard (hello, gymnastics?) this one is for you. It uses similar situations to the doctor role-play, but with a more physical twist. Besides, maybe you can convince you man that he has to give you a massage as part of the role-play? Get those stretches in, girl!

Disclaimer: Guys are kind of idiots when it comes to lots of things, and sex is generally one of them. If you’ve never done a roleplay with your boo before, make sure to talk things through and let him know the way you’d like the roleplay to turn out. Otherwise you may get all dolled up in a sexy school girl costume just for your man to fuck you the same way he always does.

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