How To Give The Perfect Lap Dance

Whether you’ve got a dude who loves the strip club as much as Drake or it’s just “not his thing,” any guy is sure to appreciate a lap dance from his lady.

But if, like most women, you’re not a stripper, giving a dance can feel awkward. So we talked to Brooklyn Ford, a dancer at Rick’s Cabaret in NYC, about how to give an awesome at-home lap dance, no previous experience necessary.

Music For Your Mood

You know when you’re having a really bad day, and then your favorite song comes on and it’s not so bad? Music changes a mood easily, and by getting the right music for your performance, you’ll be feeling sensual in no time. A classic concoction of The Weeknd and Drake should do the trick, but we also got Brooklyn to tell us some of her favorite songs to dance to.

“Music, is an exquisite way to get in the mood,” says Brooklyn. “Especially tunes that make you feel lustful and intoxicating. Cocktails and a little liquid courage couldn’t hurt either.”

Here are some of her favs:

Change- Deftones

Turtle Blues- Janis Joplin

Darling Nikki- The Foo Fighters

Manish Boy- Muddy Waters

Sweet Dreams- Marilyn Manson

Blood Sugar Sex Magik- The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Find The Right Furniture

That old armchair might be your man’s favorite place to watch football, but it’s not a great place to give him a lap dance. You want a seat with no arms so that you have the ability to dance on him from all angles, and you don’t want to sink into a too-soft couch while trying to be seductive.

“I would advise using a chair without an arm rest, or even a couch,” says Brooklyn. “With a chair you have room to move around your subject. Be that as it may, with a couch you are able to crawl towards and around while still at an elevated level, which can be drastically alluring.”

Start It Off Slow 

Just like you don’t want your man to ferociously start pounding at your lady bits with no foreplay, a seductive strip tease is much better when you ease into it.

“I love to start off slow. The build up is exceptionally crucial,” says Brooklyn. “Taking your time and smoothly picking up pace midway into the song is wise, and helps keep the entire experience bewitching.”

Use The BJ Effect

If you’re great at giving BJS, you know that it’s all about the effort. If you look like you’re having a great time (even if you’re not), your man will thoroughly enjoy himself. Same thing goes for giving a dance, the more confident you are and more fun you have, the more your man will be totally into it. Just read this Reddit submission from a guy who describes the “best striptease he’s ever gotten.”

“Wasn’t a stripper, but a girl I was into at the time,” the user writes. “What made it so amazing was that she was into it. She wasn’t even that fantastic [at] moving her body or doing what traditionally [makes] strip teases good. She was just way into it and doing it just for me… That was such a crazy turn-on and made the whole experience amazing and more intimate (if that’s the right word).”

Role-play It Out 

If you feel silly acting super-sensual when you’re really just grinding on your man in the living room, try role-playing. If you start to act like a professional stripper, you’ll feel like one. Get super into it with a costume, stripper name, and maybe even ask your man for some cash so he can make it rain on you.

Take Tips From The Pros

A lap dance doesn’t have to solely consist of stripping and grinding, so we asked Brooklyn some of her signature moves that get her clients going crazy.

“Crawling towards someone is always popular and keeps you in full view,” says Brooklyn. “It is also an incomparable manner in which you can ease into the speed of dancing.”

If you’re not into getting down on your hands and knees, “the reverse cowgirl style dance move is always a winner,” says Brooklyn. She explains that this move is done by “sitting on one’s lap (reverse cowgirl style) and rolling your hips forward in a grinding motion along to the beat.”

Sound easy enough? It probably is. Brooklyn also says that her “personal favorite moves include any move involving standing in front of my subject. This way there is a clear view of what they are dealing with (in terms of a sultry stare, skimpy attire, etc.) A fabulously easy move is the rolling of the hips while leaning over your recipient.”

Be Yourself

“Be yourself and find your inner kitten,” advises Brooklyn. “Once you do that, lap dancing is a piece of cake. You can mimic someone all day long, but once you express your own sexuality that is hidden deep within yourself it is easy to let it out whenever you please. Also, have fun! Lap dancing is a top-notch way to spice things up at home. Don’t hesitate and go for it!”

Although the idea of dancing seductively can be daunting, it’s really not so different from what you regularly do at the club with your boo. While pole dancing demands serious upper body strength and skills, an old-fashioned lap dance will certainly spice up your man’s evening (or whole week), and we can guarantee you’ll have some fun too.

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