6 Things To Know About Drake’s New Album, ‘Views’

Last night, I wrote a guide for listening to Drake’s new album Views as soon as it came out, which would be as I now intimately know, on AppleMusic Radio at 9 p.m. EST, following an interview with Zane Lowe of Beats One Radio.

My AppleID is forever fucked for no reason, so I forced my bestie, fellow Galore writer, Mallory Llewellyn (check that bish out) to sit with me in my parked car on a random street in downtown Los Angeles, and listen to the entire program on her account. Here’s what I’ve learned today about Drake’s new album, Views.

1. Drake and Rihanna have fallen in love and gone to dancehall heaven. Check out “Team Up,” by Drake featuring Rihanna. 

They have teamed up for another song, called “Too Good,” but which I assume is probably good, since their last collab, “Work,” was a chart-topper for over seven weeks, but I’m having a really hard time understanding what it actually sounds like. It reminds me of The Lion King musical that used to run on Broadway.

2. Drake listened to Stevie Wonder while making this album. 

He said that, in the interview.

3. Future helps Drake sound more like a rapper. Check out “Grammys” ft. Future

Drake just doesn’t sound like a rapper unless Future is on a song with him. He gets so much more confident. Future’s just the cool dude who makes Drake act cool. I understand what Future is now. Don’t believe me, just watch.

4. He has a song called “Still Here.” Check it out. 

Which I just found hilarious because it’s just so true. Drake is really just still here.

5. He seems to genuinely like Apple Music. 

This makes me wonder if Apple Music is the streaming platform that probably is most fair to artists. Taylor Swift also mentions Apple Music in her May 2016 Vogue cover interview, so maybe the stand she took against the company last year really did make a difference.

6. His Relationship With 40 Is In A Good Place

Drake Instagrammed a lengthy thank-you shoutout to his longtime producer and friend, Noah “Forty” Shebib. After all these years, they’re still at it.

Is it good? I honestly can’t tell yet. I’ll have to purchase it again on iTunes, and listen again to find out.

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