6 BS Excuses For Staying In A Bad Relationship

Breaking up is hard to do. Especially if you really thought your boo was “the one” or you’ve been dating for what feels like forever. But do you know what’s worse than going through a tough breakup? Getting stuck in a bad relationship for the rest of your life.

There’s a fine line between a bad fight and signs that you need to end your relationship for good, but sometimes you need to just stop playing yourself. If you find yourself using one of the below excuses for staying together, cut the bullshit and just break up.

1. “We used to have so much fun together”

The key phrase here is “used to.” You don’t anymore. Or maybe you do sometimes, but it’s outweighed by all the fighting and the not so good times. People change, and so do relationships. It’s all good that you two used to have a blast together, but it’s better to end it now so you can look back on the good memories rather than creating new shitty memories and having a messy break up.

2. “He’s already met my parents”

Believe me, whether your parents love or hate your boo, their lives aren’t going to be ruined by having to meet one more (or ten more) new boyfriends. Once you break up, you might find out your parents didn’t love him or her so much after all. Or maybe they were obsessed… but it’s your relationship, not theirs.

3. “He said ‘I love you'”

Have you really only said “I love you” to one person before? Because if you’re a relationship girl you’ve probs said it to at least four dudes before. Just take a page out of the book of cliche break-up lines and say “I love you, but I’m not in love with you” or some shit. The L-word doesn’t mean that you’re destined to be together forever, especially if you don’t feel that way in return.

4. “We’ve been together for so long”

This is probs the dumbest and most common excuse I’ve ever heard. A couple that’s been dating for three months can be just as perfect together as a couple that’s been together for eight years. Time does not equal love, and as long as you’re not married you have no reason to stay with someone just because you’ve made lots of memories together. You should never lower your standards for a relationship just because you and your boo have gotten comfortable. Ask yourself if you’d still love your boo if you had met them today.

5. “What If I don’t find somebody better?”

You can’t live your life settling. You can apply this theory to your job, your apartment, or your boo; but you’re always going to be selling yourself short. There are a zillion fucking people in this world. If your babe is not making you happy, there’s def someone out there who will. Besides, you can make yourself happy without a bae.

6. “I wouldn’t know how to live life without them”

If you’ve been dating someone for a while, it can become second nature to always have them there for you, whether you need someone to vent to or need someone to help you carry groceries. Learning to be alone is just as important as learning to be with someone else. If you’re scared of being alone, all that’s going to do is take a toll on your relationship. If you let yourself become independent, you’ll allow yourself to find a better relationship later on.

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