What It Means When He Hits You Up On Certain Days of the Week

Do you ever feel like you only hear from the dude you’re crushing on during the weekends? Or maybe he’s MIA Saturday & Sunday, only to wake you up with a Snapchat Monday morning?

If a guy only hits you up one day of the week, I hate to break it to you, but it’s probably not a good thing. But just in case, here’s an outline of how to judge a dude based on when he hits you up.

Keep in mind, we’re writing this based on a Google suggestion from some poor soul who searched “what it means when he hits you up on certain days” to get to our site, so take it with a grain of salt. I’m not claiming to be the Marie Curie of weekday texting.

Just know that every dude we asked insisted that it “doesn’t mean anything based on the day,” and immediately after, proceeded to go into detail about what his texts mean on certain days. That’s men for you.


I don’t care how much you give me the “Mondays aren’t bad if you love what you do” BS, Mondays still blow compared to every other day of the week. If a dude texts you on Monday, perhaps he’s hoping that you’ll brighten his day with your award-winning sense of humor and emoji use… or more likely, a titty pic. He’s either super in love or super bored. He exhausted all other options this weekend and is now reevaluating his life… or he’s reevaluating his life because he did some super fucked up shit this weekend, and he’s hoping a good girl like you can somehow save him from himself.


IDK why, but Tuesday is just the day of true love. Sure, he’s probs bored at work and looking to sext behind his desk, but he’s also thinking of you when there aren’t really any opportunities for drunk sex in sight, which is always a good sign for the most part.

The only bad sign would be if he only texts you between the hours of 9-5, cuz that means he’s probs got a bae at home and is only hitting you up when he’s in the safety of his cubicle.

Tuesday is also low key the hottest date night of the first half of the week, so he’s feeling it out to see if you wanna hang out. If not, he’ll check Tinder.


So he checked Tinder yesterday… they call it hump day for a reason. He probs didn’t get his hump on last night with his date, so he’s hoping that you can fill the void for the money and time he wasted at an overcrowded wine bar last night with a semi-catfish.


If he asks you about your plans for the weekend, but doesn’t try to make concrete plans with you besides “we should meet up one night,” he’s pre-planning his booty call. He’s trying to hedge his fuckboy bets by keeping you on the back burner in case no one better pops up. If a guy texts you on a Thursday but doesn’t actually make plans, please for the love of God don’t fuck him.


Friday is for the boys, or “FTB” as many dudes love to caption their photos on Instagram. Once it hits 5 p.m., all the bros in suits hit the nearest happy hour and get “lit af” while talking about “manly” things like their beards, sports, and getting blow jobs. If he texts you between the hours of 5 and whenever he’s hammered, he probably likes you. If he hits you up outside of that time, there’s serious potential that he’s benching all his booty calls.


Any text received on this day could be a drunk text, you never really know with autocorrect’s fascinating capabilities. Does he love you or does tequila love you? Either would be great, because you love tequila right back. Who knows? Who cares? Go pop a bottle on your own instead of staring at your phone all night.


Either he’s still drunk, or he got forced into going to church with his mom and is repenting for his sins after scheming on every girl who inhaled oxygen this weekend. Sorry, but if he didn’t hit you up all weekend and is suddenly texting you now, you’re probs the back-up choice.

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