4 Step Process Of Drunk Text Regret

When you realize that you did it. The one thing you shouldn’t have done. You drunk texted him. It happens to all of us, but of course the humiliation is paralyzing. Just know that we are all in this together as we help you get through the four stages of Morning After Melancholy.

Galore Mag - Why?
The moment when you look at your phone and realize there is no going back. Could it have been worse? Perhaps, you could have drunk dialed him…

Galore Mag - Denial
Maybe it wasn’t that bad (it was), maybe he didn’t even see it (he did), can I go back in time and hit my drunk self over the head with a baseball bat to stop this from happening to me? (No.)

Galore Mag - Anger
If you can get past this stage, then you are in the clear. Important Advice: Do. Not. Text. Him. It will only make it worse and who knows what you may accidentally say during your blackout of rage? Let yourself seethe, punch a couple of pillows and move on.

Galore Mag - Acceptance
You made a horrible drunken mistake. You survived the initial humiliation. It will all be fine. You haven’t completely f***ed everything up and lost any cool cred you may have initially held…right?

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