6 B.S. Excuses You Need To Stop Using For Hanging With Your Ex

Saying you’re over it and actually being over it are two very different things.

Sure, you can post a video of you and your BFF singing “IDFWU” on your Snapchat story, but it doesn’t count if you drunk text your ex two hours later. The only thing stronger than love is attachment, and sometimes even if you feel like you’re over your ex, you subconsciously find ways to hang out or run into each other.

If you’re worried that you’re giving off major lovesick vibes without realizing it, check out these signs and see if you’re playing yourself.

1. You Need “Closure”

This is the new normal. You and your ex have been broken up for a while and suddenly one of you decides you need “closure.” You make plans to meet at somewhere non-romantic like a coffee shop or a park to “talk.” I’ve been asked to do it and I’ve asked an ex to do it, and it’s fucking stupid.

WTF does closure even mean? Seriously, can you give me a definition? The reason why you two broke up isn’t suddenly going to make sense after awkwardly sitting with your ex for ten minutes over Starbucks cake-pops, I promise. Deep down, your longing for “closure” is really just a longing to see your ex again and to wow him with your contouring enough for him to want you back.

2. You “Just Want Sex”

Fuck-buddies turn into relationships all the time, but relationships should never, ever turn into fuck-buddies. There is way too much emotional baggage and room for you to get hurt. Seriously, was the dick really that good? No, don’t lie to yourself, it wasn’t.

I get that you may not feel comfortable hopping on some random rebound’s dick, but if you were really that horny you wouldn’t give a fuck. If you’re not horny enough to fuck a hot rando, you’re certainly not horny enough to be fucking your ex.

If that fucker couldn’t keep up a relationship with you, he absolutely does not deserve to keep fucking you. Get your priorities straight and tell him he’s never getting that pussy again.

3. You Suddenly Miss All His Friends

Whether you love his friends or you hate his friends, they’re his friends, not yours. I know that his roomie Jason was really funny and kinda hot, but you’re going to have to let him go just like your ex, at least for a little while.

Don’t suddenly decide that you want to party at your ex’s fraternity house every weekend or that you should start texting his buddies to invite them out with you and your friends. It’s immature and makes you look like you are trying to annoy your ex on purpose and/or win him back, and you’re a bigger person than that.

4. You Go To Your “Places”

IDGAF if going to El Camino for taco Tuesday was you and your ex’s “thing,” you’re going to have to find a new taco place or get rid of taco Tuesday altogether. Besides, Thai Tuesday sounds just as delicious.

If you find yourself going to all the places that you and your ex used to go, you might as well be in a Taylor Swift song. Stop it! In fact, make a conscious effort to not go to the places that you and your ex used to go. Obviously you don’t have to make your life difficult if your ex’s place happens to be on your way to work or whatever, but work with me here.

5. “He Always Texts Me First”

It doesn’t matter if he texts you, Snapchats you, or sends a fucking blimp. What do you do with all the other weirdos who text you dick-pics or cheesy pick-up lines? You ignore them. I get that you don’t want to suddenly be a total bitch to your ex if you ended on amiable terms, but him hitting you up is his fucked up way of having you as a back-up and not allowing you to get over him. Entertain him for a little bit, but after a reasonable amount of time tell him to migrate.

6. “It’s Nothing Serious”

How can it not be serious when you seriously dating someone for a reasonable amount of time, had a bad breakup, and are now casually hanging out? You don’t get to decide if that’s serious or not, if it’s not serious right now, it’s going to be seriously fucked up later.

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