13 Girls Tell Us Why They Had Sex On the First Date

Sex on the first date has been the subject of debate for some time now. Some people swear that it never ends in a relationship, while others have no problem choosing to follow lust before love.

Sex on the first date is a whole different ball game for men vs. women. Men are expected to want sex on the first date, to the point of being disappointed if they don’t “get some.” On the contrary, women are sometimes shamed for having sex on the first date, not just by society, but also by the men that they sleep with.

Meaning yes, there are seriously guys out there who will judge a girl for having sex with them on the first date, even though they’re the one she had sex with.

There shouldn’t be a double standard between men and women when it comes to sex on the first date (or anything, for that matter), because men and women have sex for the same reasons. They’re attracted to someone, they’re horny, they’re drunk, they’re lonely. We are human, and our reasons for indulging in casual sex are the same as they were 20 years ago.

Need proof? We asked 13girls why they had sex on the first date. The answers shouldn’t come as a shock (at least most of them shouldn’t).

1. Blame It On The Goose

“Because I was drunk.” – Olivia

2. Now I Got a Bigger Pool Than ‘Ye

“Because he had a pool.”- Mary

3. Shoutout Avril

“Because he was a skater boy and I wanted to get it popping with a skater boy.”- Kirra

4. Classic

“Because I was horny.”- Val

5. We’ve All Been There

“Because I wanted to go to senior prom as a junior.”- Lauren

6. Getting Over By Getting Under

“Because I was trying to get over my ex.”- Callie

7. Grey’s Anatomy Taught Us A Lot

“Because he was the perfect mix of McDreamy & McSteamy.”- Caity

8. Love It When That Happens

“Because we were making out and I blinked and somehow I was naked and he was smooth and had a big penis.”- Sabrina

9. See Ya Never!

“Because I knew I would never see him again.” – Allie

10. The Homeless Hoe

“Because I was sexiled from my dorm room and I needed a place to crash (10 tequilas shots later).” – Nina

11. Jealousy Is a Disease

“Because I hadn’t had sex in seven months. It could’ve been anyone remotely attractive. My friends were having consistent sex and kept telling me about it and I couldn’t handle it anymore.” – Jeela

12. The Way To a Girl’s Heart…

“He hand fed me fried chicken and cheesecake.”- Emma

13. Sore Loser

“Because my best guy friend and I made a bet that whoever had the highest body count at the end of the semester (we started with the same number) would be bought drinks by the loser for the entire night.” – Stephanie

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