Why Emblem3 Never Flirted With Selena Gomez on Tour

What’s better than one sexy dude who can sing? Three of them. If you’re a fan of X Factor, you’ll remember the bad boys of Emblem3 stealing the show on season two. If you missed it, no worries, the boys of Emblem3 have only gotten naughtier (and sexier) since their stint on the X Factor.

We caught up with Wesley Stromberg, Keaton Stromberg, and Drew Chadwick to talk kinky girls, dating a fan, and that one time they almost fought over Selena Gomez. Say hello to your new favorite band.

How do you think that growing up in Washington has influenced your music style? What about your clothing style?

The evergreens, the forests… they hold so much beauty and mystery. We were raised with a deep connection to nature. I think that consciousness and love really shows through our music. As for clothing in the Pacific Northwest, it’s pretty laid back. It’s definitely a very outdoorsy style. We grew up by the water so we were constantly in board shorts or flannels and jeans. But it is always nice to get dressed up too!

Wesley has said that “music heals broken hearts and is always there for you.” Can you describe a time where music helped you through heartbreak?

Drew: I definitely have an example. One time at Warped Tour I was going through a hard time, and I walked by this earthy, reggae music coming from someone’s camp. It was from this band called Rebelution. It was a song about lifting up your spirits and it was just so grounding for me. It made all of my fear and paranoia subside. It really changed my life, from being this punk who was in and out of juvie to being connected with the environment and myself. It transformed my entire perspective in a beautiful way.

All three of you write lyrics for the band, what would each of you say is your #1 source of inspiration?

The inspiration comes from what is in our hearts. Channeling things that are romantic for sure. The duality of males and females is a huge inspiration, as well as the opposition of male and female energy. Pain too, of course, is inspiration, but underneath that pain is always love.

What type of underwear do you like to see on a girl?

Lace panties!

Drew, you recently offered up a date as a prize on tour, what makes you an awesome date?

I don’t know if I make an awesome date! Well, I’d probably take them to a vegan restaurant. I hope anyone walking away from a date with me leaves with an expanded perspective on life. I think I’m a great lover, I have a lot of passion for females.

Would any of you seriously date a fan?

100% of course! Our fans are incredible.

“Taboo Love” touches on a forbidden romance, can any of you guys talk about a time where you hooked up with someone that you shouldn’t have?

What really inspired that song was a relationship with a girl that was really passionate and kinky [laughing].

Can you tell us about your best summer fling?

Drew: I was standing in Huntington Beach and the most gorgeous girl walked by. Brunette, freckles, beautiful smile and eyes. I tried to talk to her and I was so nervous, I couldn’t talk because she was so beautiful. She gave me her number and said, “Call me when you can figure out how to talk.” I called her and we ended up dating for the summer. At one point, we were laying on the grass at night by the beach looking up at the sky and the sprinklers ended up coming on. We got soaking wet, it was a pretty Hallmark moment. Then X Factor happened and I moved to California, but it was a great summer romance.

What’s the best pick up line you’ve ever used?

“You’re pretty, I’m cute, together we’d be… pretty cute.” So lame, but it works.

Have any of you ever fought over a girl before? Or do you all have pretty different types?

We’ve definitely fought over a girl. As a matter of fact, Wes stole [Drew’s] girlfriend in sixth grade. We both had a thing for Selena Gomez when we went on tour with her. She told us she could never act on it because then we’d hate each other.

What are your thoughts on calling “dibs” on a girl?

We don’t think it works like that! We all have different approaches to getting girls. It depends what the girl wants and then it just unravels naturally.

If you were to go on a triple date with anyone, who would each of you choose?

Drew: Selena Gomez

Wes & Keaton: we’d both take fans! One of our “Emblems!”

What’s the weirdest DM you’ve ever received?

An inappropriate video involving a girl and the end of a hairbrush…

Does it really go down in the DMs?

[Laughing] maybe!

Do you prefer East Coast girls or West Coast girls?

All girls. Don’t care where they’re from, if they’re sweet and pretty and like us, we like them.

What’s the best girl advice you’ve given each other?

Just don’t get serious until it gets serious. It can be difficult to stay in a relationship with all the traveling we do, even if the girl is so amazing. When you’re ready for something serious, you’ll be ready, but it’s important not to lead a girl on. We’re always looking out for each other but we are also are just figuring it all out as we go along too.

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