Selena Gomez Is Very Hot And Moody In Her New Music Video

Today, Selena Gomez released a new music video for her song “Kill Em With Kindness,” which seems to be both her social media strategy and personal philosophy.

For instance, when all that confusing mess went down with her and Orlando Bloom, when Katy Perry, like a very chill/willfully ignorant girlfriend turned the other cheek and said who cares, Selena responded with, “#killemwithkindness – one day they’ll get it lol.”

At the time we applauded Selena’s ability to address a rumor head on while simultaneously self-promoting her own music, and we continue to be impressed by that skill.

While pretty much nothing happens in the black and white music video, we will say this: Selena Gomez looks very hot and very moody in it.

Here’s her looking hot and moody pre-hair flip:


Here’s her looking hot and moody while looking down at the floor and flashing a bit of thigh:


Here’s her looking hot and moody in a hotel room:


And here’s her looking hot and moody while running through the halls of said hotel:


Although she does crack exactly nine smiles (we counted) in the three-minute-and-43-second music video, mostly she just looks vaguely upset by something that’s never specified or alluded to, but which is probably how the media is constantly spreading lies about her or speculating about when she’ll finally get back with he who will not be mentioned.

There’s also a deeply symbolic moment when bullets drop from the sky and a substance that may or may not be blood drips onto a rose.

Watch the whole thing below and marvel at Selena in all her hot and moody splendor.

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