The 9 Hottest Male Acts At Governors Ball NYC

The 9 Hottest Male Acts At Governors Ball NYC

We’ve talked about the ladies of Governors Ball…but what about the dudes? Sure, we all know Drake is going to be there (duh), but did you ever wonder what other hotties are going to be hiding behind turntables and smoke machines? We did, and like proper journalists, we investigated. Here, we bring you the 9 hottest male performers at Governors Ball (yes, we still included Drake. No, they’re not in order).

1. Flume

All that and an Australian accent? We’d be more than willing to go down under on that!

2. Ratatat


Two is always better than one, isn’t it? Not to mention this duo is on their fifth album and going strong.

3. Drake


Need I say more? Nope.

4. Gorgon City


If Flume’s Australian accent didn’t tickle your fancy, these babes are from London.

5. Vance Joy


As Taylor Swift’s opening act, we’re surprised this hottie isn’t filling up her next blank space. I guess she’s busy with Calvin Harris? We’ll gladly pick up her slack.

6. Benjamin Booker


Rolling Stone named his Lollapalooza performance as the “best rock star moment… best experienced live and turned up to 11.” Sounds good to us!

7. Black Pistol Fire


The best thing about all these hot male artists? That they’re coming to NYC from all around the world. The duo of Black Pistol Fire is from Toronto, but spends some time in Austin, Texas for that Southern sound.

8. Logic


Logic may try to look all sultry here, but we can’t pretend we’re not a sucker for hit wide-mouthed smile too.

9. Hermitude


More cuties from down under! These two have been jamming together since there were barely teenagers.

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