First Drake Shares Sexy Shirtless Snap, Then Apple Offers Him $19 Million

Last week, Drake was “all about” Houston, but this week, the boy isn’t even pretending to care about anything other than his favorite subject: himself his pecs.


Even though Drake’s always had a way with the ladies, most of us don’t really think about Drake as being a sexy dude.  Sure, he’s a good Jewish boy most of us would die to bring home to meet our Moms, but is Drake really the guy we imagine when it’s late at night and we get to touching ourselves?  Nah.

But that being said, you gotta hand it to the boy: like Page 6 said, he started from the bottom, and now he’s kinda ripped.  Bae may be living that tour life right now, but he’s clearly been keeping it 100 when it comes to his body.  After all, our bodies are our temples, right?

Maybe if churches looked more like that I’d finally have a reason to drag my ass to church.


Now, a mere four days later,it looks like Drake is about to get an offer he couldn’t dare refuse: $19 million in exchange for being a guest DJ for iTunes radio.  Things are about to go way up for the boy, and by things, we obviously mean dolla dolla bills, y’all.



Obviously, Apple saw something they liked in the boy.  Could it be the tech giant has a sweetspot for bae’s pecs?

Either way, just to be safe, Drake should keep the sexy shirtless selfies coming, because Apple is also in talks with Pharrell Williams and David Guetta, and $19 million is a lot to lose.

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