Tennis Fans Might Seem Like Squares But They Bone 24/7

If you had to guess which sports fans get laid the most, you would probably never guess tennis.

In fact, tennis fans would prob be one of the lowest guesses on your list. People who actually watch tennis (not just go to the matches for Instagram opportunities) are boring af. They probs wear all white ensembles with a cable-knit sweater tied around their shoulders, they belong to country clubs, they don’t even get fucked up or tailgate.

But the jokes on us, because according to a recent study done by SKYN condoms, 90% of tennis fans are either satisfied or very satisfied with their sex lives.

Tennis fans are also the most likely sports fans to have shared nudes with somebody, which is another shocker. Where to they find all this time to send nudes while sipping Chardonnay and listening to jazz? We’re not quite sure.

But then again, 61% of tennis fans admitted to faking an orgasm, which is conflicting when compared to the fact that 90% reported being satisfied with their sex lives.

So what is the truth?

Our theory? Considering that dudes who play tennis allegedly get the most right swipes on Tinder, we think tennis bros are to blame for tennis’ weird lead in the dick-pic sharing contest. If tennis bros match with lots of chicks on Tinder, they have more girls to send their poorly angled dick pics too. They also probably get laid more (albeit all the dick pics), which means they’re “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their sex lives.

Regardless of if our theory is true or not, one thing’s for sure. White polo wearing tennis lovers are just as freaky as any other sports fan – if not more.

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