9 Cute Cans of Booze You Can Prob Get Away With Drinking In Public

We’ve all done the whole pouring wine into a Starbucks cup or water bottle in attempts to sneakily drink on the beach, at a tailgate, or whatever. You do what you gotta do. But you have to admit it feels pretty sleazy.

Thankfully, there are tons of new canned alcoholic beverages that look more like energy drinks than booze, and you can casually sip on them in front of clueless popo without them knowing. Plus you can avoid no glass on the beach laws.

Here are some of our favorites that you should definitely try to get your hands on this weekend for your BBQ or beach blackout.

1. Ruza

Have rosé all day with Ruza. These cute little white cans will match perfectly with your white-hot bikini, and will make a great Instagram shot. Just remember that just because rosé is supposed to be classy doesn’t mean you have to be.

2. SpikedSeltzer

Okay, so these are a little less discreet considering that it explicitly says “SpikedSeltzer” on the can, but there will be so many passed out frat boys on the beach that nobody will pay attention to you sipping on your Cape Cod Cranberry drank.

3. The Infinite Monkey Theorem Carbonated White Wine

Alright, disregarding this unnecessarily long name, these cans (available in red or white) look like an energy drink that some Jersey Shore boy would drink rather than wine.

4. Flasq

For those of you that don’t want no little bitch cans, FLASQ wines give you a little more bang for your buck. Plus, the twist tops mean that you can drink it on the go (or in the back of your surfer bae’s topless jeep) without worrying about spilling it on your new Minimale Animale bikini.

5. Underwood Wine

Underwood wine has three flavors so that you can choose wisely which wine you’ll be drinking through your boyfriend’s beer bong at noon, what’s not to love?

6.Coco Vodka

Okay, vodka and coconut water in a can?! With Pineapple and Guava flavors? This has got to be every basic bitch and Instagram girl’s wet dream or something.

7. Friends Coffee Wine

You know those mornings where you wake up hungover and have no desire to drink? With Friends coffee wine, you officially have no excuse. Admittedly, these cans aren’t exactly discreet, but who the fuck cares when you can have your favorite morning and evening beverages at once? Unfortunately, this beverage doesn’t actually contain coffee or caffeine, it’s just “coffee flavored,” but maybe it can work as a placebo?

8. GT’s Gin and Tonics

If you’re a gin and tonic type of girl, GT’s are for you. Again, the packaging looks like some 90’s energy drink that Arnold Schwarzenegger would drink, so you’re in the clear.

9. Pampelonne

If you’re the type of chick who rocks Lilly Pulitzer bikinis, we’ve found the perfect wine for you (and your matchy-matchy selfie for Snapchat). Also, Rosé Lime sounds really fucking refreshing.

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