These 4 Signs Are The Luckiest In Love

Lucky in love?  You may be thinking that ish doesn’t exist.

We’re here to debunk that myth and give you some good love juju.

Finding a partner is hard, and making the relationship work is even harder. But these signs have certain qualities that make the process a little less tedious. Maybe they go after what they want or communicate effectively, or maybe it’s justin the stars.

Scroll through and possibly consider adopting some of these elements into your own love life, you might just end up finding yourself in bed with that hunky Leo, or walking down the aisle with that sweetie pie Pisces.

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You, Aries, are the first sign of the zodiac. An Aries in love puts their partner first, which makes you an ideal mate. You are a natural competitor and will fight for your crushes’ attention. Aries never back down from a challenge, so if you’re feeling shy and wonder why you’re unlucky in love, remember: A closed mouth never gets fed.

Aries’ standout energy has a certain magnetism that draws other signs in. Once you’ve won your crush over, you’ll work just as hard to keep them as your number one prize.  Aries, you love hard and give hard to the ones you trust. Who wouldn’t want to receive undivided love and attention from their partner? Since you’ve put in work to attract your partner, it’s only right for you to show them off; you’re proud to be in a relationship with them!

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Although a huge lover, Aries are also very independent signs. This dualism is the perfect balance of near and far, no smothering here. Your confidence, allure, and devotion (an Aries wouldn’t let their trophy get dusty) make you an attractive significant other. An Aries will teach others how to be a better lover. Your commitment and energy are unmatched. When you see something, you go for it, and will fight to keep your lover happy.

Aries Celebrity Example: Big Sean has no trouble finding a mate, but the challenge is keeping her. Big Sean always seems to bounce back after every relationship. Although he’s dated a handful of powerful, Hollywood women, he’s worshipped each of them in his music. You can also spot Big Sean holding his girlfriends securely on red carpets — he can’t let them go, and is #blessed to have them by his side. Big Sean’s career has never outshined his relationships. In fact, he’s invited his relationships into his work world as he’s collaborated with all of his lovely ladies in music. We see Big Sean going strong with Pisces beauty Jhené Aiko as this sometimes emo Pisces craves the attention Aries has to offer.


The Moon, the influence that pushes and pulls Earth’s bodies of water, rules Cancer. In astrology, the moon is the celestial body of moods and emotions. The same fluidity of water can be applied to your Cancer emotions, always varying, thus you tend to be emotional and in touch with your emotions.

Your self-awareness allows you to have a certain carefree attitude; you can easily put yourself out there and make friends with anyone. Ironically, once a Cancer’s crabby exterior is cracked, a soft, gentle being is revealed. You are a nurturing sign, putting your partner’s needs before your own. Your gentleness makes others cling to you. Your intuition and alertness allow you to always know what’s going on before your partner reveals what is troubling them. This can be quite helpful as this quality enables Cancer to make any situation better without your partner having to explain the problem.

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Cancers make great friends, and friendships can often lead to great relationships. Cancers are easy to talk to because they’re great listeners. You are patient, will listen to your partner for hours, and make all their problems go away. Your tenderness captivates others.

Cancer Celebrity Example: Khloé Kardashian rebounds quickly after multiple NBA beaus, sprinkled with famous rappers. Khloé is not shy proclaiming her love for love. Her Instagram bio once read, “I crave a love so deep the ocean would be jealous.” Khloé’s friendships turn into love affairs, which can be seen on old episodes of Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami. Khloé is the cool girl, the easy to talk to beauty that makes falling for your friend so easy. She’s also been the nurturer throughout her relationships. She stayed by Lamar’s side after his Las Vegas encounter and is seen kourtside at numerous Cleveland games cheering on her current bae.


This Earth sign loves a good foundation.  It’s no wonder you are grounded, practical, level headed, easy going, rooted in family, and devoted to cultivating lasting relationships. When it comes to relationships, this stereotypically stubborn Bull has the patience to wait for the best mating option. Good things come to those who wait.

You may come off as picky, but you have your eye on the prize — the future and your family. Taurus, you’ll be blunt. If this is a hook-up only relationship, you won’t be afraid to tell the person. You’re looking to see who you can build a lasting bond with. This quality seems nonexistent in our instantly gratifying world, so others will soon appreciate the slow and steady route you offer. Venus, the planet of beauty and love, rules you. When it comes to romantic gestures, you splurge on the finer things in life. You’ll plan every detail, making sure every aspect is perfect for your sweetheart. Three words describe the lucky in love Taurus: trusting, romantic, and patient.

Taurus Celebrity Example: George Clooney is the perfect depiction of an honest playboy, a Taurus man patiently waiting to settle down. There’s a laundry list of short and long term relationships associated with Clooney. However in 2014 he wed successful lawyer Amal Alamuddin. We’re sure this Taurus hunk and Aquarius queen are building a perfect future together.


Symbolized by the Scales of Justice, Libras may spend lots of unnecessary time searching for their perfect match. You’ll waste time making pros and cons lists, while the love of your life is moving away from you. Your inability to make a decision because you want to make the right choice may seriously hurt you in the love department.

Libra, you’re very charming, attractive, and witty. You seem to be the total package, and close family and friends may wonder why you’re still single. The answer: it’s that storybook love you’re chasing.  There’s nothing wrong with visualizing a Disney movie fantasy for your reality, but don’t dismiss serious contenders due to one missing trait.

You’re the luckiest unlucky sign because although people are drawn to you, you’re contemplating if they’re right person. Hey Libra: this is your love reality check! Libras have the tendency to be aloof at times. Get to know the people making an effort getting to know you, and that kismet love will be around the corner sooner than you realize.

Libra Celebrity Lucky-ish in Love: Bruno Mars sings idealistic songs about romance and love — he’ll catch a grenade for you, and will give it to you, just how you like it. Bruno has been with beautiful Gemini model Jessica Caban since 2011. The Latina model has picture-perfect snaps of them all over her social media. Mars may sing about idealistic love, but his low-key public perception of love could be hurting his partner’s feelings. But hey, it doesn’t seem to be hurting Bruno!

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