These 7 Signs Are Most Likely to Be Famous

Literally anybody can become a celebrity, but some of us are born with a better chance than others thanks to astrology.

Don’t blame us, blame your parents for not having sex at a different time.

Anyway that’s a gross image, so let’s forget that even happened and get right down to it, shall we?

Here are the seven signs that are most likely to get famous.

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You’re a frickin’ STAR bb.

Leos crave attention like normals crave oxygen, so they’re practically tailor-made for fame.

Plus you know that movie Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen? Yeah, that could be the autobiography of just about any Leo.

All in all, Leos are born for fortune and fame – but good luck convincing them that the world doesn’t revolve around them.

Leo celebs: Kylie, J Law, J Lo, Demi Lovato



Scorpios are fierce, fearless and super petty when they get don’t feel like they’re getting the respect – or the attention – they deserve.

And petty people make excellent celebs.

Plus they tend to keep some aspects of their lives a giant mystery, and there’s nothing people like gossiping about more than what a celeb’s million dollar secret is.

Scorpio celebs: Kendall, Drake, Katy Perry, Lorde

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Aries bbs are really great at being both boring and weird at the same time.

You’re a super ambitious over-achiever, but you’re also kind of book-smart and type-A which means you’re not always the most fun to hang around.

Sometimes you’re even low key stuck up, but hey, nobody can accuse you of not having a personality!

Aries celebs: James Franco, Emma Watson, K Stew


libra-kim-kardashian-galore-mag.jpgYou wouldn’t think of uber-balanced Libras at being the most destined for celebdom, but hear us out.

Libras are all about balance, and staying famous after your initial 15 minutes of fame can take a lot of finesse.

Libras are great at maintaining different sides of themselves, which they can pull out whenever their career needs a little boost — and they know how to keep a slice of their personal life private, which means they’re better than some signs at keeping their sanity intact.

Leo celebs: Kim K, Kate Winslet, Gwen Stefani



Sags are BORN to be pop stars.

They’re personable, they’re naturally gifted communicators, but where they really shine is in their capacity to be role models.

Like people lose their shit over how inspiring Sags are.

There are way worse stars to have been born under.

Leo celebs: Miley, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears

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Capricorns have charisma, ambition, and the drive to put in the hours of work and not just sit on the couch talking about how you could have been a contender.

Capricorn celebs: Zayn, Elvis, Pitbull, Kate Moss, Mary Tyler Moore



Virgo, you are a publicist’s wet dream! You’re don’t freak out under pressure, you take direction well, and you’re really good at memorizing things – like your lines or your manufactured answer to probing questions about your personal life.

Plus you always want to look, act and be perfect at all times.

Leo celebs: Beyoncé, Zendaya, Michael Jackson

And as for the star signs that aren’t inherently destined for stardom, here’s why we’re not so convinced things are gonna work out.



You work super hard and most likely have a reputation for being dependable, but you’re a little too grounded to be a celebrity.

Plus sometimes you’re so stubborn that nobody even wants to be around you.



Geminis could be great at being celebs for 15 minutes of fame but then they’d probably just get bored and want do move halfway around the world and do something else.

You really hate tedious tasks and that’s kind of half the deal with being famous.



You’re more of a caretaker and celebs are inherently selfish by nature.

Sorry about it.



You’re a free spirit bb, but although you can be creative af you don’t really like being tied down by a schedule.

Maybe you’ll become downtown famous for being a club thot, but a traditional celeb role is probably too much of a job for you to really fuck with.



You’re a healer, and there’s nothing about celeb culture that’s healing.

Unless you became like, the world’s next Oprah.

Just think about it – you’ll get paid to sit in a chair and give people cars.

That’s pretty sweet.

It’s not the sexiest career direction, but hey, if it keeps the tax collectors at bay, do you really care what you’re doing so long as it’s legal and means you get to go on vacation on the regular?

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