Is Selena’s New Single “Bad Liar” About Taylor Swift?

Selena Gomez has something up her sleeve and it’s probs-def a new single about somebody in her life who is a bad liar.


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On Thursday morning, Selena posted a trio of nearly identical pictures of the words “Bad Liar” written in lipstick over a window shade.

In two of the pictures, the lipstick was red, and in one it was purple.

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Does that mean anything?


While it’s possible to read this a myriad of different ways since it’s incredibly vague, my fingers are crossed that it’s a sign the song will be about Taylor Swift, who happens to be both a bad liar and a huge fan of wearing red lipstick.

And I’m hoping Selena chose the window shade motif as a way of saying the song will be so shady Taylor’s gonna have to retreat even further into the near total media blackout that is her life right now.

Because honestly, are Taylor and Selena even friends anymore?

Taylor said absolutely NOTHING on Instagram about the last song Selena released, and saying nice things about her friends’ music on Instagram is basically Taylor’s favorite thing to do.

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On. Repeat. Til. The. End. Of. Time‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️❗️ @haimtheband

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g2g brb just gonna make up an interpretive dance to this magnificent bop for the ages ELLA I LOVE YOU

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Granted “It Ain’t Me” was technically a Kygo song featuring Selena Gomez, but unless Taylor has rules stipulating she’ll only tell the world how much she loves your song if it’s actually your song, it was very rude of her to ignore it and might be a sign there’s bad blood between them.

Although TBH, telling the world you’re going to be releasing a new single on the same day Miley actually releases a new single probably wasn’t the best idea publicity-wise, Selena.

Unless you wanted it to fly under the radar, in which case, mission accomplished.

Anyway, whatever tf “Bad Liar” means, we’ll probably find out in six days, assuming that’s what the clock on Selena’s website is counting down to.

Until then feel free to email me at to tell me all about your own theories.

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