Katy Perry Posted an Insanely Unwoke Met Gala Brag on Insta

Katy Perry is running into problems left and right with her new “woke” persona these days.

Teaming up with Migos, making a joke where she compared her black hair to Barack Obama, and wearing a dress designed by a designer known for making anti-semitic comments to the Met Gala.

You’d think she’d make an effort to get back on the woke track, but instead she posted an insanely unwoke Met Gala brag on Insta.

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Obviously as one of the celebrity co-chairs of the Met Gala this year who just so happened to wear an insane-looking outfit, Katy Perry was news this morning.

So the New York Times put her on the cover of their daily print edition.

Now obviously, there’s nothing a woke celeb like Katy Perry would love more than her picture getting on the front-page of a hard-news newspaper, so she took a picture and posted it to Instagram.

But the big problem was what was on the rest of the paper. Namely the fact that the other featured image on the front page was of what appears to be a violent, fire-filled protest in France — like with a person who’s literally on fire.

And instead of posting the image with a caption that acknowledged the discrepancy between the Met Gala and political unrest across the globe, Katy Perry just captioned the photo, “All the news that’s fit to print <3 @nytimes.”

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May 2, 2017. All the news that’s fit to print ☝🏼❤️@nytimes

A post shared by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on

Really, girl?

You’d just think that somebody who was really as woke as Katy Perry likes to position herself would know better than that.

But as is becoming increasingly obvious, her woke persona is just that: a persona that she can put on when it suits her and leave crumpled on the floor when it doesn’t.

Might wanna think about your rebrand, Katy.

Now’s not the time to be playing woke.

UPDATE: Katy Perry also posted this insanely unwoke to her Insta story, doubling down on her problematic content. You gotta hand it to her, when she commits to being off brand, she really commits.

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