7 Celeb Scorpios’ Most Petty Moments

While Scorpios are fierce, fearless and fabulous in bed, they can also be super intense and emotional about the people and things they care about, which can result in a lot of pettiness if they feel like they’re not getting the respect or attention they deserve.

As anybody who’s ever fucked with a Scorpio knows, even though they may “forgive” you, they’ll never forget what you’ve done to them.

Here are seven of our favorite petty celebrity Scorpio moments.

1. Frank Ocean

In 2014, Chipotle sued Frank Ocean for $212,500 claiming that he failed to record a song for them to use in a commercial even though they had already paid him for it.

Allegedly, he bailed because he didn’t want Chipotle’s logo to appear at the end of the advertisement, which would suggest that Frank Ocean has never watched TV and doesn’t know how advertising works, but artists are strange people, so who knows.

Shortly after getting sued, Frank Ocean uploaded a scan of a check written out to Chipotle for the same exact amount on his Tumblr with the words, “fuck off” written in the memo section.


Whether or not the check was real, the petty message was heard loud and clear.

2. HRC

Hillary Clinton is the queen of shade, and it doesn’t get realer than how during the first debate she literally would not stop calling him Donald, in an attempt to remind everybody that not only has he never held public office, but also that Donald is a ridiculous excuse for a first name.

3. Anna Wintour

Although Anna is too much of a pro for any of her most petty moments to leak out into the press, she’s so petty that the author of “The Devil Wears Prada” — a former Vogue employee — had to invent a completely fictional Anna Wintour, because she knew her petty ass would sue.

4. Kendall Jenner

Last year, when Kendall made her Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, she originally didn’t want to even tell anybody in her family because she didn’t want them to go and steal her thunder.

Honestly, that’s fair, but at the same time unreasonable. Unsurprisingly, Kim ended up “accidentally” spilling the beans at a family dinner, suggesting that Caitlyn specifically should go.

Believe it or not, word quickly broke out that Caitlyn was going to support her daughter and Kendall FLIPPED HER SHIT, throwing a temper tantrum about how Caitlyn was trying to take “the biggest night of her life away from her.”


4. Gossip Girl

Before you can even say anything, let me beat you to the punch: this is not a spoiler. Gossip Girl has been off the air for four years now. If you still haven’t taken the time to finish watching the show, that’s your own damn fault.

While technically Penn Badgley isn’t actually Gossip Girl IRL, let’s face it, it’s the only thing he’ll ever be remembered for and GG was petty as fuck.

5. Drake

Enough said.

6. Katy Perry

While we could just go ahead and just write “see feud with Taylor Swift,” for the sake of specificity, we’ll just go head and highlight her most recent act of pettyness.

7. Lorde

Earlier this year, Blind Gossip reported that “two uberfamous singers” nicknamed Tall and Short barely said a word to each other at the Met Ball and weren’t really friends anymore, and maybe were only pretending to be in the first place.

Blind Gossip went on to note, “Short was only sucking up because she wanted Tall to collaborate on a business deal so Short could make some serious bank off of her.”

A few days later, Lorde ranted about about how uncool Vetements is and how she has lame friends who’ve bought into the hype, which is funny, because at the time,Taylor was wearing a $1,655 pair of Vetements boots almost everywhere.

Was it a petty jab at Taylor Swift specifically? The world may never know, but damn is it petty AF if it was.

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