Why Hillary Clinton Keeps Calling Trump ‘Donald’

Donald is the goofiest fucking name. Seriously, when I think Donald, I think Donald Duck.

But Mr. Trump’s name is Donald, and Hillary Clinton has been calling him Donald all night long, almost excessively.

Seems kinda weird right? Or what about the fact that Trump keeps calling Hillary “Secretary.” Is that kind of sexist? Is Trump doing some weird shit where he doesn’t want to address her by name?

No. In fact, if anything, Hillary is subtly shading Trump because he’s never held any sort of political office.

You see, in normal presidential debates, you know like, when our country wasn’t a complete shit show, both candidates normally have held multiple previous offices. It’s traditional for opponents to refer to each other as “secretary,” “governor,” “senator,” whatever.

But the thing is, Donald Trump has no previous political office. She can’t refer to him as his current or previous political office, because there isn’t one. She also can’t refer to him as “trust fund baby” or “small hands man.”

So, she’s calling him Donald. She seems to almost be calling him Donald as much as possible. Is it shady? Yes. Are we surprised? No. I mean, Hillary is shady af. And if Trump is going to be fucking paying Snapchat for filters that say “Crooked Hillary” she might as well fight back.

You go, Secretary.

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