Hillary Clinton Was the Only One Smart Enough Not to do The Macarena In The 90s

With the current presidential race in which one of the candidates has no previous political experience, American politics is beginning to seem like a bit of a joke.

Instead of voting based on presidential platforms, people are voting based on mean tweets, the candidate’s gender, or the fact that they’re a sore loser about the fact that their candidate of choice didn’t make the cut.

Well, if we’re going to be voting based on meaningless shit, here’s a great reason to vote for Hillary Clinton: she knew that The Macarena was annoying even when it was a “new” dance and not the stuff that your nightmares were made out of.

Just check out this video from the 1996 DNC held in Chicago. Yes, that’s when Bill the balloon lover was running for re-election. First off, the DNC looks lit, just as it is this year. But, you may notice that Hillary is one of the only souls not participating in the bizarre arm-flailing dance known as The Macarena while her peers in pantsuits get super into it.

Instead, Hillary slays in her Elle-Woods-esque attire from the mid-90s and claps her hands to the beat. Fun, timeless, not fucking annoying like the damn Macarena. Bravo, Hillary, I knew there was a reason I was with her.

If you crave more of this 90’s Macarena nostalgia in a political setting, check out a full-length video from C-Span here.

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