Watch Reese Witherspoon Try On All Her Old Legally Blonde Costumes

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Legally Blonde, Reese Witherspoon decided it would be a cute idea to see if she could still fit into some of Elle Woods’ most iconic outfits, which she just happens to have packed away in a series of neatly labeled boxes.

Spoiler alert: she did.

Because if she didn’t, she probably never would have posted a single one of these videos to Snapchat. Which, yeah, Reese Witherspoon apparently has Snapchat! Her username is reesewitherspoon and for some reason her emoji is not a spoon.

First up, the notorious bunny costume:


Sadly, Reese’s modesty prohibited her from actually trying this bad boy on, but it’s nice to know she’s got it tucked away for sexy occasions.

She also tried on this tragically unhip sparkly, off-the-shoulder number, with a matching pink beret:


The dress she wore when she thought her fuckboy college boyfriend was going to propose to her:


And the iconic bikini that got her into Harvard in the first place:


And as icing on the cake, Reese even gave us a refresher course on how to bend and snap.

Watch the whole thing below and get ready to gag on all the pink.

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