Watch Guys Whine Like Babies When They Experience Gender Bias

Don’t let the existence of Hillary Clinton fool you, the overwhelming majority of people in government roles are still all male. In fact, a whopping 80% of congress members are dudes.

This is obviously not chill, especially because congress votes on restricting women’s bodies all the time (but never men’s bodies, wonder why?).

Ever wonder how men would react if they were subjected to being the minority in a law-making vote that took away their rights? Teacher Nicholas Ferroni did, so he decided to do a social experiment with his students that put the males in the female’s shoes.

Ferroni placed six male students in a classroom with 24 girls and had them vote on laws that benefitted the girls and were a detriment to the boys. Obviously, the girls voted yes whereas the boys voted no.

Oh, also, the boys whined like babies, which is unsurprising.

Watch the video below to see how dudes react to some of the situations that women in congress (and women in general) have to deal with on the daily. Also, feel free to enjoy how how the teacher is while you’re at it.

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