Wait — Kim K Says She’s Considering Voting For Donald Trump

In what might just be the worst Kimmy news since our darling bb girl said she wasn’t a feminist, even though a year earlier she swore she was, Kim Kardashian is seriously considering voting for Donald Trump in the fall.

According to both The Huffington Post and The Evening Standard, in the most recent edition of Wonderland magazine Kim reveals that she’s “on the fence.” At first she thought, “Oh my god, I’m so Hillary [Clinton,] but after a “long political call” with Caitlyn Jenner, she’s not sure anymore.

Curiously enough this quote didn’t actually make it to the published story Wonderland released on their site today, and the only mention of Trump’s name came up in relation to Kanye.

“Look at all the awful things they’re doing to Melania [Trump], putting up the naked photos [of her]… I’ll say to Kanye: ‘Baby, you know the kind of photos they’d put up of me!’ Haha.”

Our money’s on Kris doing a little last minute momager finagling and shutting this shit down so her daughter didn’t get completely dragged on the Internet, so fingers crossed she can work the same magic on her daughter before November rolls around.

Thanks for everything, Caitlyn.

[H/T Cosmopolitan]

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