Lorde Says Taylor Swift’s New Fav Brand Is Uncool Now

Unlike nearly every other young, hip celebrity, Lorde doesn’t think that Vetements, a clothing brand that specializes in selling $330 shirts and $1400 sweatsuits that are near/exact replicas of something you wouldn’t spend more than $30 on, is remotely cool.

While Lorde’s Vetements shade is pretty fair, to be completely honest, that’s not what makes this mini Twitter rant so interesting to us.

Obviously we’re referring to the elephant in the room: Taylor Swift. 

Ever since she got her new platinum Hot Topic makeover, Taylor Swift has been wearing a pair of $1,655 Vetements boots almost everywhere she goes.

To make matters more suspicious, Blind Gossip reported on May 9 that “two uber-famous singers” whom they nicknamed as Tall and Short, barely said a word to each other at the Met Ball and weren’t really friends anymore.

Both 5’10’’ Taylor and 5’5’’ Lorde attended the Met Ball, and while we wouldn’t exactly call Lorde short, Taylor’s definitely got some inches on her. 

According to Blind Gossip’s source, “They were never really friends. Short was only sucking up because she wanted Tall to collaborate on a business deal so Short could make some serious bank off of her,” adding that, “It’s probably better that it turned out that way because Short actually doesn’t like Tall as a person or as an artist. She makes fun of Tall’s music and I think it would really hurt Tall if she knew that.”

Although then again, they call it gossip for a reason.

We know that Taylor was being friendly enough that night to sign Lorde’s cast and pose for a picture with her — not that either of them looked very happy about it.

What do you think? Is there trouble in squad paradise?

Was the “lame friend down the road” Lorde complained about a thinly veiled attack at Taylor, or is this something we’re just making up?  

Keep your eyes peeled, guys. We have a feeling this could get very interesting. 

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