Miley Cyrus Celebrated “Malibu” By Buying This Mansion In Malibu

Miley Cyrus really loves Malibu!

If you didn’t get that vibe from her latest lovey-dovey song that made my co-worker cry, you’re gonna learn today.

Because Miley just bought a lit af crib in Malibu in celebration to a cool as a cucumber price of $2.5 Million.

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The crib looks pretty nondescript from the outside, kind of like the house your kooky aunt who’s a sex therapist would have. There’s also a super long driveway.

But if she doesn’t want to hang around the driveway, there’s this huge balcony from the master bedroom to enjoy the beautiful California weather. 

If you live in NYC like me, take a moment and cry softly at all this outdoor space.

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Or at this ginormous kitchen where Miley will absolutely not be using the marble countertop to roll blunts on. 

Ugh. This house is honestly so cute. It’s not over-the-top wannabe bougie like a Kardashian-pad (although, I’d still be happy to move in, Kylie). It’s cute and a little kitschy, but just f*cking huge.

Like, can’t you just imagine Liam, shirtless, bringing Miley a cup of coffee while she sits out on the terrace? Goals.

Or maybe Billy Ray Cyrus, Mr. Achey-Breaky Heart himself, chilling on this couch when he visits?

Miley might not be too great on the woke-scale right now, but her taste in houses is A-1.

H/T: Teen Vogue

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