Kylie Jenner’s Latest Mansion Is Literally Built Into a Cliff

Last time we checked, Kylie Jenner had not one, not two, but four mansions.

Why on earth does a 19-year-old (or anyone, for that matter) need four gigantic houses?

Well, one reason might be to house your broke washed-up rapper boyfriend, but other than that we have no guesses.

Kylie has ditched her live-in boyfriend, but it hasn’t seemed to quell her thirst for real estate. In fact, she just signed a rental lease on a lit Beverly Hills mansion, according to TMZ.

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Why rent a huge place when you already have four other huge places? Well, allegedly her Hidden Hills place is getting some renovation done, and she clearly needed somewhere bad and bougie to stay in the meantime.

The rental of choice is a cliffside Beverly Hills mansion that goes for $125,000 a month. And although the price tag will be justified when you scroll down and see these pics, Kylie’s reason for renting a place when she has a couple other homes in the vicinity is still puzzling.

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Can you imagine how good this view would be for Instagram photos?!

Pretty much anywhere in this place is great for an Insta photoshoot, TBH. Maybe that’s why she has so many homes? To vary her backdrops?

Imagine having enough friends to fill this entire outdoor couch. Although if you had enough houses for people to regularly crash, I imagine it’d be easy to have friends.

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This foyer is soooo Kardashian.

So is this bathroom. Look at the #goals marble everywhere!

The one time Netflix and Chillin’ is actually acceptable…

Take a moment out of your day and imagine Kylie standing on that ladder and sliding around to grab things from shelves like Belle in Beauty & The Beast. JK, her chef does that.

Which makes us wonder, does she have a new crew of maids, chefs, etc. for each house?

So many kwestions Kylie. So many.

Like, do you think broken hearted bb rappers will scale that cliff to win your love? Or nah?

In the meantime, let a girl know if you need a house-sitter, or a roommate, whatever.

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