The Instagram Lip Is Officially Basic: Here’s What To Try Instead

When we first discovered the wonders of over-lining our lips, we thought it was the most genius thing in the world. Especially because we almost believed that it was the secret to Kylie Jenner’s perfect pout.

Unfortunately, when something is genius, everyone wants a piece of it. This goes doubly for when Kylie Jenner popularizes something.

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What was once a quick way to make it look like you just got temporary lip injections is now just another choker-like trend: overdone, over-the-top, and no longer fooling anyone.

But the good news is that, like contouring, people are moving away from the Instagram lip. I mean, just look at Kylie’s latest Kollection.


A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Yes, they probably used lip liner, but the liner actually matches the lip color instead of being dark af.

Kylie’s not the only one moving away from this look. Check out some of the other things you can do with your pretty pout that don’t involve over-lining a matte lipstick.

1. Metallic Lips

Metallics are big in fashion right now, so it only makes sense to match your lips. This might not exactly be an everyday look, and we can’t make any promises for it lasting during your McDonald’s run, but it looks great in selfies!

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2. Lip Gloss That’s Poppin’

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Lustre in High Society, $22

Like many trends from the 2000s, lipgloss is slowly making it’s way back into the purses of girls worldwide. Maybe it’s not the same Bonnebell variety they once swore by, but you’d be surprised how far some good drugstore lipgloss can go. If you’re going for the more luxe route, this Charlotte Tilbury gloss is poppin’.

3. The “No Lipstick” Lipstick

No makeup-makeup is still a very big thing, so naturally lips are following suit. it seems kind of counter-intuitive to put something on your lips to make it look like nothing is there…but you’re already probably doing that on the rest of your face, aren’t you? BTW, she’s wearing YSL Glossy Lip Stain in 12.

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4. Plain ‘Ol Lip Balm

@larryhofmann wears Balm Dotcom 👄💦

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I know, I know, this is revolutionary. After you waited online for Kylie lip kits last year and Googled “how to pick the right lip liner for your lip color,” you might be confused and/or annoyed. Well, sorry, but the trend cycles are just faster these days. To be ahead of the game this spring, you’ll ditch the over-lined look and simply go bare — or mostly bare, anyway. Tinted lip balm will give you a ‘lil color if you feel like you need it.

5. A Subdued Lollipop Lip

#polishgirl #selfie #makeup #chocolate #bar #selfie #lips #blonde #girl #vsco #semisweet #eyeshadow #blue #eyes

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Okay, that whole MAC lollipop lip thing is obviously not intended for an every day look, but a more subdued version that creates a bit of an ombre-bitten effect is totally cute and grungey.

6. Filling Your Entire Lip With Liner

Rich Mahogany lip by @shaynagold using #TheLipPencil in shade 044!

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Instead of using a lip liner and a liquid lipstick, you can legit just use the liner like the babe above. She just popped this Bite Beauty lip pencil all over her lip, basically giving it the look of a lipstick. Amazing.

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