Selena Gomez and the Weeknd Were Just Spotted Kissing

Selena may have been dropping hints about a hot Colombian singer, but who cares about him now that Selena and the Weeknd were just spotted kissing ON THE MOUTH!

Yesterday, the paparazzi caught Selena and the Weeeknd as the two were coming out of Giorgio Baldi restaurant, where they presumably just had dinner.

In one photo, Selena can be seen walking with her arms around the Weeknd while seemingly staring into the camera, and in the other photo, Selena’s kissing the Weeknd while he’s seemingly staring into the camera.

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It reminds me an awful lot of when the paparazzi caught Miley Cyrus and Stella Maxwell together in a parking lot and once Miley and Stella realized it, they just decided to start making out because YOLO.

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Sure it’s not neck nuzzling in Las Vegas, but we all remember how that situation played out between Selena and her reported sexual ?

Denial, denial, denial.

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The Weeknd’s been single ever since he and Bella Hadid called it quits in November, and while on the one hand it doesn’t make sense for an artist who takes every opportunity he can to remind the world how much he loves drugs to date somebody who reportedly just went to rehab, love doesn’t always make sense.

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Plus, there’s a cynical part of me that wants to read more into this situation.

If you don’t mind, indulge me.

The Weeknd used to date Bella Hadid who spends a lot of time hanging out with Kendall Jenner.

While Kendall and Selena used to be friends, now there’s a big rift between them by the name of Taylor Swift, with whom Kendall is currently engaged in what can only be described as a squad war with.

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So is making out with the Weekend some kind of intimidation tactic on Selena’s part?

Anybody your squad can date, our squad can date better?

While Selena’s unlikely to ever confirm our suspicions with a, “yeah I’m savage af” press conference, just like Journey instructed me, I’ll never stop believing.

Either way, one thing’s for sure: whatever’s going on between Selena and the Weekend won’t stay under wraps.

[H/T New York Daily News]

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